Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today's Food and an Unexpected Gift...

After work yesterday, I hit the gym for some cardio. 40 minutes of steady state on the elliptical (all the Stairmasters were full again, boooo!), plus 5 min cool-down. Back at home I heated up dinner - chili and bread for the family, Swai (white fish) and steamed zucchini for me. I'm really liking Swai! A few hours later I was able to enjoy my bowl of chocolate peanut-butter protein ice cream. Absolutely loving that!! My little ice-cream maker is perfect for it! 20 minutes and it's ready! Woohoo!

Morning came early, lol, and 6:30 found me liftin' with Tab. I did Big-Girl Deadlifts today :-) I've always done stiff-legged deadlifts, but these are the other ones, with the "squat" and using the olympic bar. I did 90 lbs... not bad for my first time :-) We also wrapped my wrists for the first time... I'll be heading to Sport Chalet later to pick up a set of wraps for my own. I liked the deadlifts... a lot :-)
Figure Competition Diet - Breakfast, oatmeal pancakes with strawberry banana syrup

Back home, I whipped up a batch of oatmeal pancakes and syrup to take to work with me for breakfast. Super yummage! I did strawberry-banana syrup and it was awesome!  I guess calling that syrup isn't really accurate because it was pretty chunky, but oh, so so so good!

Here's my food info for today...
Breakfast - Pancakes: Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon mixed with unsweetened almond milk, with my Berry Syrup (strawberry-banana).
: 4 oz swai (white fish), apple.
- 4 oz ground beef in an orange pepper, steamed with 1/2 cup quinoa pudding/porridge.
- 3 oz grilled chicken breast & 2 cups steamed broccoli/cauliflower. 

Dinner - 3 oz chicken breast and a cup of sliced raw pepper
Pre-bed Snack
- Protein Ice Cream with peanut butter.

Today's Numbers (click on the pictures above to view all the info): 1482 calories; 40% protein, 34% carb, 27% fat. 34.7 g fiber.

An Unexpected Gift...
After my workout this morning, Tab and I were talking about my training, and my goals and timeline (more on that next week), and she said, "I have a present for you."  Well, heck, I like presents :-)

She handed me this...

That green bracelet says "BELIEVE" on one side, and "IAAC" on the other. This is the same bracelet that she wore throughout her Figure competition training. I was overwhelmed. And honored.

Then she told me what IAAC stands for...

I Am A Champion.

Damnit, now I'm crying again.


  1. Chelle,

    You are AMAZING! I so idolize you making all those wonderful meals, training for and reaching your goals, and sharing it with all of us. Keep up the awesome work and an inspiration!


  2. That's so sweet of Tab to give you that bracelet. How meaningful and supportive! I love it :)

  3. What a lovely gift :)Its wonderful that you have such thoughtful people around you!
    and I have "ground beef day" on Friday so will be putting them in Bell peppers

  4. You are a champion!!! You amaze me everyday with all your hard work and progression! :)


  5. Hi Chelle,

    Thank you so much for sharing and providing great details. You are an inspiration!


  6. My sister-in-law ROCKS! Love you girl...way to go!