Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Food and Workouts...

 Here it is...

Clean Eating Cooler - Chelle's food for today - Figure Competition Diet
Breakfast -  Oatmeal with protein powder, ground flax seed & cinnamon.
Snack: Chelle's Chicken Mini Loaf with an apple.

Lunch - 3 oz Chicken Breast with 1 cup
steamed zucchini, half cup quinoa and 10 raw almonds..
Snack -  3 oz chicken breast, 1 cup
steamed zucchini
Dinner - 5 oz baked Swai, 1 cup
steamed green beans
Pre-bed Snack -
Protein Ice Cream.

Today's Numbers (click on the picture above to view all the info & meal pictures):
1420 calories
44% protein
32% carb
24% fat
30.2 g fiber

Workout Activity....
Today would have been leg-day. Due to the temperamental hamstring, that was shelved in favor of 45 minutes of light steady-state cardio. I hit the elliptical with my cardio playlist and away I went. The hammy squacked a few times, but nothing major. As hours pass between my leg & the cardio session, it continues to ease. I'll ice it again this evening, further rest it, and we'll see where I'm at tomorrow. 

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