Monday, June 13, 2011

Today's Food...

Food for today is up... after a little bobble, I managed to hit dead on to my calorie & ratio goals. Click on the link below to visit the Today's Cooler page and view all the photos and nutritional information.

Breakfast -  Protein Zucchini Muffins (2) and a Nectarine.  Snack 3 oz chicken breast & cup of grilled veggies plus a Fruit/Veggie Fiber bar.  Lunch - 4 oz Swai (white fish) with 2 cups grilled veggies and a slice of Quinoa pizza crust (plain).Snack -   3 oz grilled chicken breast & 1 cup grilled veggies.  Post-Cardio -   Protein Zucchini Muffin   Dinner  -  4 oz chicken breast on raw spinach & lettuce.   Pre-bed Snack - Protein Ice Cream (doing mint chocolate tonight).

Today's Numbers (click on the link below to view all the info & pics): 
1408 calories; 43% protein, 31% carb, 27% fat.     
38 g fiber.


  1. Chelle,

    Hi, Is there a reason why I can't print out your recipes. I just tried to print out your zuc muffins and your ice cream so I could go into the kitchen to make. I tried to copy and paste but only your pics came up. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong as my pc is not near my kitchen. Thanks

  2. I have a question, but first, to answer Anonymous, I just did the same thing. You need to change the text/font color. It's white on Chelle's page so you can't see it when you copy/paste to Word. I changed it to black and can see it now. HTH!

    Chelle, do you know if there's something else I could substitute for the coconut flour? My daughter is allergic to nuts so I buy as little nut products as possible. I'm thinking I may be able to use soy or skim milk for the almond milk. I'm really starting to get tired of oatmeal for breakfast every day and this could be a nice change.

    Also, I think you typically work out in the mornings. Do you eat first? I've started going to the gym at 5am (the only time that really works for me right now - I hate it but gotta do it) and feel like I need to eat first, but then am unsure about how to fit food in the rest of the day. Looking at your menu I'm wondering if I could just move the "post cardio" snack to before my workout and maybe that would do it. Thoughts?

    Thanks as always for your great ideas and inspiration! Good luck with your competition prep! You look fabulous!

  3. Lol, yes, Jaimie's right... it's the font color. When I get my e-book ready, it'll be set up to print more easily :-)

    Jaimie...Yes! Try Quinoa flour. I haven't personally tried it yet, but I've been told it's just as light as coconut flour. And soy or skim milk would be perfect substitutions.
    I do workout early - heavy lifting, too. Typically in my normal life, I'd make sure to include a starchy carb in my dinner as that will fuel the morning workout, but on competition diet, that's a no-go. I can't eat before lifting (nausea), so I go in fasting. I do eat immediately after, though, to not only break the fast, but to replenish my depleted glycogen stores... my muscles suck up simple sugars after a workout (a good thing) so I typically add a few strawberries or other "sweet" fruit to that initial meal - not enough to skew my carb intake, but enough to feed my muscle.
    You can definitely move a snack to pre-workout, just be sure you're allowing yourself enough time to begin digestion before you workout :-) A quick guideline would be carbs before workout, simple carb & protein after. And by simple I don't mean candy, lol... but a sweet, high-glycemic fruit serving.

  4. Just typed a reply...and it disappeared! Anyway, thanks so much for the substitution tips! I'll have to give them a try.

    And I might try not eating before my early AM workout as well, but be sure to add sufficient evening carbs. My husband doesn't like to eat before a workout either. We'll see how that goes too.

    I just read your most recent post. Good luck to you and your family! You'll be in my thoughts!