Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap & Today's Food...

The weekend was way too short, and today has been way too busy, lol!

Yesterday I hit the gym for Back & Biceps, then a HIIT session on the elliptical. All the stairmasters were full :-(  I did 2 minutes at settings 9 (incline) / 9 (resistance), 30 seconds sprinting at 9/14, 30 seconds sprinting at 9/12, then 2 minutes at 9/9. For 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of steady state. I did have to use my inhaler on my last sprint. First time in forever, though, and those babies are TOUGH, so I'm not concerned. That's why I keep the little bugger with me.

After, I cleaned up (Scottsdale thanks me) and did my grocery shopping... Costco where I picked up Chicken breasts, pork tenderloins and these fine treats at an awesome discount:
Magic Bullet Deluxe Set  Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker
I was a happy camper :-) I am LOVING my protein powder ice cream, but shaking those leaky ziplocs every night is getting old. The Cuisinart doesn't require ice or salt, it's a bowl with some kind of freezing solution inside, so you just dump the ingredients in the bowl and turn it on. After you freeze the bowl, of course, lol. I probably sound like a nitwit, but this is new to me, folks! :-) And I've been wanting a Magic Bullet for a couple years now! I love my hubby. :-)

After Costco, I hit Walmart, then Safeway, then Sprouts. I shop where the sales are. I ended up getting another great deal on chicken at sprouts, so I bought more and stuck it in the freezer.

Sunday Food Prep and the Counter of Chaos... Here's what I prepped for the week:

Ground Beef mixed with crimini (brown) mushrooms & Mrs Dash - half got stuffed in peppers (4 oz each), and the other half got made into burgers for the kids to munch on.

Chicken Breast (tenders, they were on sale) - baked with Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb and a spray of olive oil

Swai (white fish) - baked with a spray of olive oil, a sprinkle of dill & Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb
London Broil - grilled on my Foreman, then sliced thin and separated into 4 oz packages, plus a couple 3 oz'ers for me.

Veggies... broccoli/cauliflower  and  zucchini went into steamer bags. I've got 3 more colored peppers to slice up for raw eating. Bags of "salad" and spinach. Sweet potatoes for baking or whatnot. Green Leaf & Iceberg lettuce for sandwiches/wraps.

Fruit... apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi (had a couple asian pears left over, too), and our friends gave me a couple grapefruit.

Grains... quinoa. I cooked up a bunch of quinoa (5 cups total, cooked). Half was separated into half cup servings in baggies for Ariel's lunches, and the other half I made into a yummy pudding/porridge for my lunches. So good!! And figure prep friendly! Here's the recipe.

Other proteins in the house for the family are: plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese. Plus all the usuals for them... string cheese, homemade granola (I tried to make a cinnamon apple version, it was ok, I'll keep trying), sliced cheddar, avocados, and so on.

Once the food was all weighed , bagged and labeled, and put away, it was time to finish up the laundry then relax with a bowl of my peanut butter, chocolate protein ice cream :-) Yeah, I'm lovin' it that much! :-)

This morning didn't go as I'd planned, but I think it went as it was supposed to. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. And be really, really grateful for the people in your life who roll with you :-) Thank you, Tabitha!

There's some changes in my routine, which I'll be explaining more later this week.  Including 
changes to my food... recognize anything different in this picture?
I Spy....

Grapefruit!!! Wootwooot! I got a grapefruit!!! It's like Christmas! :-) With the show prep diet, I get one fruit per day, unless it's a heavy lifting day and then I can have a second fruit. I have desperately missed my grapefruit with breakfast!! There are some other changes coming down the pike for my diet, but it's going to take a couple days to get them all sorted out, then I'll update you :-)

Here's my food, and remember to click on the cooler picture to view all the photos and nutrition info...
Breakfast - Oatmeal w/protein powder, ground flax, cinnamon plus half grapefruit.
Snack: 3 oz grilled chicken, Asian-Pear
Lunch - 4 oz ground beef in an orange pepper, steamed with 1/2 cup quinoa pudding/porridge and the other half of my grapefruit.
Snack - 3 oz grilled chicken breast & 2 cups steamed zucchini.
Dinner - (not pictured) 4 oz baked Swai (white fish) with steamed broccoli/cauliflower
Pre-bed Snack - (not pictured) Protein Ice Cream with peanut butter.

Today's Numbers: 1433 calories; 41% protein, 34% carb, 25% fat. 38.3 g fiber.


  1. Hey Chelle so which Ice Cream maker do you have? The Cuisinart? or the Magic Bullet?

  2. LOL! I have both, I got the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, and the Magic Bullet Deluxe Set. I mix the ingredients with the Bullet, and freeze with the Ice Cream Maker - It's awesome!!