Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Competitor Must Flex More Than Just Muscle...

Yesterday could have been a bad day. A really bad day.

It started at 5:30am with a text to reschedule my lifting. No problem. I'll do cardio and lift in the afternoon before my 2nd cardio session. Then I spent a few extra minutes with coffee and Bill, while I planned out my recipes to be tested this weekend, jotted a few things on the grocery list, absentmindedly kissed the hubby goodbye when he left, then got lost in the blogosphere. When I surfaced, it was time to go hit the cardio.  I gathered my things, clipped on my iPod shuffle, filled my water bottle, grabbed my purse and headed to the car.

"dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt"


"dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt"  That's all I got. Radio worked, lights were not on, but no engine. #$%&!!!!!

I call roadside (thank you, USAA!) and they send out a tech. I wait. And wait. By 7:45, I realize, I need to eat, so I nuke a bowl of oatmeal/protein powder/flax, and stand outside slurping it up. 7:50 here comes the tech. Diagnosis: dead battery. Dead as Moses. It took his big tough truck to jump my little Hyundai Santa Fe. Then he said the equivalent of "your day is screwed"... "Do NOT shut it off. Drive straight to the dealership and insist on a new battery - this one is still under warranty. Do NOT shut it off."

But I need gas! No problem, he assures me, just keep it running.  Off I go. I get to the gas station, and nervously begin pumping gas while my car is still running (it just felt so wrong!). Turns out, it is wrong. My car has a delightful safety feature that doesn't allow you to pump gas while the engine is running. The result is a spew of gasoline on my workout clothes. Lovely. I did manage to get in a full gallon before being spritzed with Eau de Arco, so I hit the road. Driving to the dealership, I'm bluetoothing calls - rescheduling my daughter's morning doctor appointment, asking Bill to let the dealership know I'm on the way (and threaten if necessary), Tab to let her know my schedule might be wonkified a bit, Shiloh to let her know about the doctor appt.

I get there and they tell me 3 hours. Three hours it will take!!!! Are you kidding me???? I have to do cardio! I have no food! No water - I'd left my gallon jug of spring water on the counter when I dashed out. ARGH!!!

Ok, time to be flexible. What do I have? Ok, I found a baggie with 7 almonds in my car's change tray. The dealership has filtered water, that'll have to do. I have my iPod. And I have a hallway.

A hallway. Now we're in business.
Hell yes.

30 minutes. I jogged, I sprinted, I grapevined, highstepped, ladder-stepped, jabbed, upper-cut, threw elbows, ran backwards, skipped sideways, moving jumping jacks... I did it all, ear-buds in, music pumping, and everyone staring. The end of the hallway you don't see in the picture is a set of glass doors going out to the service area. The service area where all of the mechanics & employees gathered to watch the crazy lady running laps down the hallway. 

HIIT at the dealership. Yes. Yes, I did do that. LOL!!!

Then I sucked down a bunch of water, ate my 7 almonds (those almonds were raw when they got into my car, but with the 120 degree heat we've been having, by the time I ate them yesterday, those bad-boys were DRY ROASTED!).  They finished up my car about an hour later, and I headed home for a quick protein shake, then back out the door for Cardio Drumming with Tab - that was a freaking blast. Then it was Shiloh's doctor appt, errands, then back to the gym for another cardio session. Finally, the day was over and it was time for date night (ha, shower first!!)!!! I earned that steak, my friends! :-) The staff at Blue Adobe were wonderful to me, as always, and brought me exactly what I ordered - with no sauces, salt, etc.

I ended my day with a big bowl of protein ice cream while watching Just Go With It (super fun), and the knowledge that though it had been difficult, and certainly challenging, I had done everything I could that day to prepare for the stage and reach my goal. My food was on track. My cardio completed. My attitude positive. 

And I learned that I can flex more than my muscles... obstacles don't have to stop me. Only I can stop me... and I am NOT stopping!


  1. OMG!!! You rock, woman!! I loved it! Nothing can stop you!!!

  2. No kidding! Great story of perseverance!

  3. Thank you for yet another great example of your dedication. I was laughing out loud as I read it. You're gonna rock that stage!