Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food for Today!

Here is today's food. 
Clean Eating Cooler - Chelle's food for today - Figure Competition Diet

Breakfast -  3 Zucchini Protein Muffin.
Snack: Protein shake w/1/4 cup raspberries
Lunch - 3 oz chicken breast with 1 cup 
steamed asparagus and 1 oz mashed sweet potato.
Snack -  3 oz chicken breast, 7  raw almonds + 6 raw macadamia nuts
Dinner -  6 oz baked Swai and 1 cup 
steamed zucchini.
Pre-bed Snack - 
Protein Ice Cream.

Today's Numbers (click on the picture above to view all the info & meal pictures): 
1388 calories
48% protein
20% carb
31% fat
28.5 g fiber

Also, click on the recipe names to view the Recipe Page on my website :-)


  1. may have missed this earlier but regarding your recipes using protein powder... what size scoop is it? or is it a "serving" per instructions? just wondering how to convert this to the product that i use to be sure to get quantity accurate for integrity of muffins.
    oh and hey... have a great weekend.

  2. It's the serving size. My protein powder does is 1 scoop per serving, a scoop offers 20g of protein. I'll measure the scoop today for actual meas... like tbsps to see what it is. :-)