Friday, July 8, 2011

I might be crazy, but I can blame the carbs...

Are the days getting shorter? I think they are. I think someone has stolen a couple hours from each day. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

I promised I'd be transparent with you throughout this journey, so in the spirit of that...

the diet sucks.

Lol. I'm flagging. My energy levels are nowhere near stable - one moment I'm fine, the very next I'm crashed. It's insane. My hubby says to me last night, after watching one of these quick-changes, "I'm sorry the diet sucks so much. You've only got 8 weeks left, right?" I had to correct him. This isn't the sucky part of the diet. This is the transition part of the diet that prepares you for the sucky part of the diet. I start the sucky part in a week. I'd love to just not think about what's ahead, but you know me... I have to prepare, and I have to have creative tasty food / recipes ready to go when I hit that stage, otherwise I'll lose my mind. My calories will be cut. In theory, this would take me from 6 meals down to 5, in addition to the carb cutting. In reality, I'm going to do everything I can to save my bedtime protein ice cream, lol. I will tweak and cut from everywhere except breakfast and my ice cream. As long as it's in my power to do so, anyway. Hahaha. I'll follow the plan, but if I can tweak it and make it my own - then I can follow the plan and retain a little of my sanity.

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks. I absolutely cannot believe how it's flying by. I want to catch hold and slow it down a bit - I want to savor the experience a little more, but instead I feel I'm rushing from one responsibility into another. Today, for instance. You already know how crazy my morning was. At work, I got stuff done, ate, then headed out at lunchtime to hit Walmart for a few things. You see, I can't do my usual food prep on Sunday this week, as we have a party to attend; all my shopping/prepping has to be done Saturday - Saturday which also includes class & cardio. Add my usual chores like laundry and so on. Plus, I'm supposed to be spending quality Vitamin D time in the backyard to prep for my show-tan. That hasn't been happening. I feel behind and rushed. 

Anyway, so I picked up Swai at Walmart (way cheaper there!), some tea, and a few odds and ends, came back to the office and ate lunch while updating a few more tasks. In my head I have all these things running around... stuff I have to do, buy, find, accomplish, AND my coach told me today that I'm not getting enough sleep, and have to make it happen. She's absolutely right, and I will make it happen, but I found myself in tears wondering how the hell I was going to get everything done if I have to go to bed at 9pm... no, be ASLEEP by 9pm. Yes, it was a My-Carbs-Are-Reduced-And-This-Is-The-End-Of-The-World moment. While the tears passed, the stress didn't.

Then, through some horrible circumstances (not mine), I have the rest of the afternoon off... soon as I finish this, I'm out of the office. And guess what? I froze! Panicked! What do I do with this extra time??? Do I do laundry? Grocery shop? Cardio early (planned for 5:30)? Recipe test? Work on the downloadable recipe book? Food prep? What do I do????

Yes, folks... I am losing my mind. How ridiculous is this? So, what I'm doing is a couple small tasks here in the office, then I'll hit the grocery store, then home to unload. I will then go do my cardio. After, I will shower, have dinner, try to work on the recipe book, and finish planning for the new diet. Then I will have ice-cream and go to sleep.

At least, that's the plan.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Chelle,
    I have been following your blog for the past year. I am so impressed by your moxie! Maybe even more than that, your honesty. It is so refreshing. You infuse so much humor and grit into your blogs. You seriously need to write a book about your prep from beginning to end. Thank you so being an inspiration to all women, but especially those of us in the over-40 crowd. I need to stop living vicariously through you, stop making excuses, get off my fanny and follow your plan. Thank you for letting me tag along on your adventure. Lori

  2. Chelle, you can totally do this! I am about 12 weeks behind you and I already feel exhausted, but that could be the 4am wake up calls. One foot in front of the other!!

  3. Hang in there. We the readers are impressed, encouraged and a little amused, too. Keep it up - the stage is right around the corner!

  4. oh Chelle, how could you not be frazzled on occassion. seriously I do not know how you fit everything in. you are a force to be reckoned with for sure!!!
    have a nice weekend, what ever that looks like for you!

  5. You are so inspiring! It is good to know that being frazzled isn't a one-member club! Thank-you for all the motivation - and try to take a moment (or 1/2 a moment lol) to enjoy your journey - it will be so worth it when you reach your goal!

    Michelle (newtnest)

  6. 7 weeks AMAZING! you are going to rock it. believe me my emotions were everywhere too. : ) Hopefully you were able to fill your time :)

    lots of love hun!

    7 days as of tomorrow!