Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Day & iPod Insanity

Week 5 is behind me now, and I'm officially 4 weeks from competition. In some ways last week was harder, in some easier. I'm really, really hungry, lol, but I'm not as tired as I was the week before. Spin class yesterday left me with a sore ass and a sweaty mess of clothing - literally wrung out the clothes I'd worn. Awesome! :-)

A fun thing, haha, we did was a protein pudding standoff. I picked up a bunch of protein powder samples at Whole Foods, and prepared them all the same, along with my Beverly UMP, then did a taste off after they'd "set" overnight. I'll post the pics and results tomorrow. Yesterday was Chocolate, today will be vanilla. I've also done some recipe developing for a feature coming out in the Fall in World Physique Women. Very excited about that, and Bill was very excited to be my taster, since I couldn't have so much as a nibble (not in my current diet phase).

My moods are all over the place. I feel a little like a monkey swinging from tree to tree. Not fun, for me or the family. Yesterday, my frustration had even me in hysterics - laughter that is. I have an iPod. It's old school - classic 80 gb, black. Apart from my shuffle for workouts, this iPod is my life. Music is an integral part of my day to day. I have to have it. Well, this classic has bit the dust. Sometimes it lets me put music on it, sometimes it randomly wipes the drive. I have to add music one song at a time. No bueno. And imagine my delight when that one more song results in the wiped drive. I finally managed to get a playlist on it Thursday. Last night, I plugged it in to the player and went to work in the kitchen.

Backstory - I am hungry, tired, grumpy, and testing a super yummy smelling recipe that I cannot taste-test. The music is getting me through. Then it stops. And skips. The first time, I yelled. The second time, I growled. The third time I might have screamed. By the time it had done this five or six times I was quivering in anger and frustration, I charged the boombox waving a custard dripping wooden spoon and yelling an incomprehensible war-cry when my whole family began laughing hysterically. "It's not funny!" I yelled, " I NEED my music!"  More laughter. I took a breath to scream, and caught something out of the corner of my eye. Is that custard on my china hutch? Um. Hmmm. Deep breath. Look around. Little blobs of custard are trailing my journey from kitchen to family room. Oh gods.

I knew in that moment I had a choice. I could be me, or I could be crazy-competitor-Chelle. I chose me. I laughed. I belly laughed. I dropped down into a chair and laughed till tears rolled down my face. I could not believe that a defective iPod had brought me this low. So, though I still wanted to scream, I chose to laugh (and order my 15 year old to clean up the trail). I'm still sunk without my tunes, but in some small part of me I do realize that music is not necessary. Boy that hurts to say. Bill promises me we can replace it soon, and I know we will, as soon as we can. It's been wonky since before the girls graduation in May. We just can't spare the money now. Maybe for my birthday I'll get a new iPod... or Christmas more likely. I've got more important things to worry about than an iPod, lol. Competing is incredibly, mind boggling expensive, plus cheer for Bethany, back to school shopping (which stopped my heart for a few moments yesterday), regular expenses and just plain life... replacing my iPod is at the bottom of the list.

So here I am today, Sunday, I've got some prep to do, laundry, etc., but I'm trying to relax and just flow today. Tomorrow is weigh in, measurements and progress photos. But that's tomorrow. Today, I will get done what needs to be done, and try to relax. iTunes radio better be playing some good music.
LOL! Besides... it's pudding time. For the next 15 minutes, all is right in the world.  :-)


  1. You are remarkable!
    You are inspiring!
    You are doing it all!
    You are a winner, woman!


  2. You are a funny girl Chelle! I don't listen to music while I workout, don't know why, but I can see how you must have felt the moment the music stopped.
    What's a girl to do? Laugh and splatter custard everywhere, that's what! hahahaha