Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, Stella! You Rock My World!!

I got my shipment from Sweet Pure Honey, and all I can say is, "Oh, Stella, You Rock My World!"

Every single item is amazing! When I opened (read: ripped apart) the package, the hubby saw the jar of honey I'd ordered and said, "Really? You had to order honey from Canada?" Understand, I'm a big proponent of local raw honey and we have a really good one that the whole family enjoys, but when I went through the Sweet Pure Honey website, I just wanted to try it :-)  Being on competition prep, unfortunately, I can't try it myself, but the hubby is a honey-connoisseur and very particular about his honey.

So I opened the jar and took a sniff. HEAVEN. Seriously! I reluctantly handed the jar to Bill (ok, he had to pry it out of my hands), and he took a taste. Then HE was in heaven! He said it was the sweetest honey he'd ever tasted! Then, he spent the next 10 minutes searching out the perfect hiding spot for the jar so the kids wouldn't get into it! LOL! Really! I'm not sure I could find it if I needed to, LOL!

The soaps are incredible, and one now resides in my shower alongside my sugar scrub. The lip balms are amazing, and I got one for each of my girls. The fragrance stick (perfume stick) is lovely, and feels so good on the skin! PLUS... the amazing Stella included some samples!! I can't wait to light up the candles, and I will be Bethany's hero when she returns home on Sunday to discover the lip glosses for her Cheer friends!

If you haven't checked out Sweet Pure Honey, I encourage you to do so! Truly great products! And no - I am not paid to say so, lol. Ya'll know I don't do that. I just like to share when I find something fabulous. :-)

I thought it was funny, that Tosca Reno blogged today, too, about Sweet Pure Honey! You can read what she wrote here:


  1. That's funny, just bought peanut butter from the states, we Canadians are happy to share our honey with the world!

  2. Just have to say "Best Honey EVER" we send it reglarily to Mexico too - so this stuff is getting known everywhere!