Thursday, July 7, 2011


So tell me why it's not time to eat yet? Lol. Yep, I'm hungry. Big surprise. This morning was Back workout, plus posing practice. My back is already sore. My posing sucks. But that will change :-) My walking is even worse, hello robotic-barbie! ROFL! It makes such a big difference for me to be able to do this practicing with Tab - I know she'll be brutally honest and help me become my best. Those posing sessions could be horrible for me (remember I'm shy), instead they're full of fun and laughter as she helps pull my personality out while keeping me from falling over. I do have a small challenge in remembering my left from right, hahaha, but I will conquer this without doing the L with my thumbs and forefingers on-stage. LOL!!

Back home, I scrambled to get ready for work on time - I'm seriously going to have to tweak my morning routine until after the show is over. I think scramble is my word for the day. I've got to run out to home, the bank, and WalMart shortly (and madly) to get my stuff done, then back to work. After work, I have to rush home to say goodbye to my baby (whaaa!) who is flying to CA for visitation. Yes, I know she's 15 1/2 but she's still my baby, and I HATE that she has to switch planes midway - who the hell planned that? @#$#! Wasn't me, I can assure you. Anyway, after Bethy leaves, I have to rush to the gym for my cardio (so happy it's a single cardio day!), then back home to toss Taco Salad on the table for everyone while I have baked Swai.

Yep - scramble is definitely the word of the day, lol!

Here's today's food... remember to click on the photo to visit the Cooler page with all the pics and nutrition data.
Clean Eating Cooler - Chelle's food for today - Figure Competition Diet
Breakfast -  3 Zucchini Protein Muffin.
Snack: Protein shake w/1/4 cup raspberries
Lunch - 3 oz chicken breast with 1 cup
steamed asparagus, 3 oz baked sweet potato.
Snack -  1 Chicken Loaf (see recipe page), 14 raw almonds
Dinner -  5 oz baked Swai, 1 cup
steamed green beanss.
Pre-bed Snack -
Protein Ice Cream.

Today's Numbers (click on the picture above to view all the info & meal pictures):
1456 calories
47% protein
24% carb
28% fat
33.1 g fiber

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