Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smack that "What If?"!!

I had my appointment yesterday with the Sports Massage Therapy Goddess, Kara, and I think my hamstring finally just admitted defeat. It could not escape her. Turns out, it was a good thing I came in because the hamstring had started pulling my back wonky. There were several moments during the session when I would have sworn to you my hamstring was trying to run away from her hands. Lol.  She did her magic, and I walked out without a limp or a wobble. NICE! She asked me not to do cardio last night, but I was cleared for an abs session (which I did). The consensus on my weebles-wobble leg situation was that it was indeed a pinched nerve from the inflamed hamstring. Whew! I'll take that!

I headed to the bowling alley, ate my dinner (I totally forgot to take pics of most of my food yesterday because I was too busy inhaling it, lol), worked on a few projects while the guys kicked bowling butt, then headed home and into my protein ice cream. Best part of the day :-)  I crashed hard, and when I woke, Bill was getting up to let the dog out. I felt like I'd just fallen asleep, but I rolled over and turned on the coffee pot (yes, it's next to my bed - I am that lazy). When Bill returned he asked me why I turned on the coffee. Duh. Really?

Because it was only 11pm.

Oy. I snapped it off, and went back to sleep. So then this morning, when it really was morning, I turned it back on, got dressed for my workout and went to pour a cup when I realized (now that my eyes were open) that Bill had never put the actual coffee in the actual filter into the actual machine! ARGHHHHH!  I think he was very glad for that glass shower door between us when I came to this realization.

Once I had my coffee (and the world breathed a sigh of relief), I sat on the patio icing my hamstring while mentally prepping for Leg day. Every fear I have, every doubt, made an appearance. I am not going to make it. My legs are too weak. Surgery then injury - I can't do this. I just can't do this. Where the heck did these thoughts come from?? I've been feeling so mentally strong, that this took me totally by surprise.

I think part of it was I stepped out on a limb yesterday and am more hopeful than comfortable in my action. I made the reservation for our hotel post-show. Bill, me, Tab and her hubby are heading south of the border (Rocky Point) the day after the show for some very necessary R&R (and just try and come between me and the tacos!). I had struggled with knowing when to make the reservation, and finally spoke to Tab about it yesterday. She didn't understand the question. I clarified. "What if..." What if I get injured, what if I'm not ready, will I lose my deposit? (yeah, I'm a little neurotic).

I thought Tab was going to pick up that 45 lb plate and beat me with it. She helped me realize that it wasn't the deposit or the reservation I was worried about, it was making it to show. I had no idea that was working in the back of my head. Ugh. Sneaky little bugger. Evidently, this morning it was still there.

I got my head on straight, drank my coffee, and headed to the studio... the studio where I had an AWESOME leg workout! It was not a heavy leg-day, for obvious reasons, but it was tough - and I did it. Leg press, lunges, inner thigh work... got 'er done! I felt great when we were finished! I chose to not follow with cardio (my normal MO would be to hit some HIIT post workout, but figured I should probably focus on the health of that leg, eh?), though I will do cardio this evening, after my leg has had some time to rest. The hamstring is sore, feels a bit bruised, but so far so good.


Oh, and did I mention my back and chest are SORE???? Yeah, they are.

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  1. Hoping the hamstring learned its lesson and decides to heal and be good from now on.
    Keep on rockin' it!!!