Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorry, Maybe it's the low carbs, but I gotta say...

It really irritates me to see stock photos on recipes. I know I'm not the greatest photographer, but when I make a recipe, I give you a picture of it. I can't stand browsing the web for recipes, find one that looks freakin' amazing, only to realize that that's NOT what it looks like! NOT EVEN CLOSE!  While websites are the masters of this bait & switch, magazines are not innocent, either! A recent magazine had a fab looking cupcake (protein) recipe with this gorgeous white frosting on top... except the recipe for the frosting includes 2 tsp cinnamon. Um... cinnamon is brown. Cinnamon turns whatever you put it in brown - freckly at the bare minimum. I call shenanigans. Sure enough... it looked like... well, I won't go there. It did taste incredible, but it was not glossy and white.  And yeah, I get that what it actually looked like was not photogenic, but then just say so! Make a note or something! Don't leave me expecting one thing when reality is about to hit me with a 2x4! Ya know?  Another one that got me recently was a pumpkin pie recipe. Protein powder, pumpkin, blah blah blah... the picture was of a gorgeous piece of pumpkin pie, you know, like for the holidays pie. Do I really need to say that the photo was NOT of the recipe? Let's leave it at that.

Today, I'm surfin the net, and discover not only that my peeve-meter is spiked over the photo deal, but that people STEAL recipes! Shamelessly! I am NOT a happy camper.

Further, to add to my annoyance, the nutrition data is hit or miss... I saw a recipe today for a ZERO CARB cupcake. Sounds awesome right? Too bad the actual nutrition information shows they have 18 carbs each. I see this quite often... Bad nutrition data. So frustrating.

So... my little rant complete, I make you this promise... I have always done my best to provide you with accurate pictures, nutrition data, and directions... as of this moment, I will strive even harder. Further, as always, when I create a recipe, I'll tell you it's mine. When I use someone else's recipe as a base, I'll tell you I've done so. When I am simply sharing someone else's amazing recipe, I will tell you that, too, along with where to find the original.   I do not want to be a person who instills frustration in someone else.

Well, at least, not because of my recipes. ;-)

Ok. Rant complete. I need food.


  1. Chelle,
    I can tell you are not "yourself" today. Hang in there, it will all be worth it when you step onto that stage. This has been a dream for a long time and all your hard work and sacrifice will be worth it. Most people just dream their dreams and never take action, you've done so much more than just dream. You are such an inspiration for me! Thank you so much!!

  2. i "get" what you are saying ... for sure!
    hang in there ... tomorrow is a new day... and you are allowed to rant and have off days too so fly atter!

    big hugs