Friday, July 29, 2011

The strangest things happen on the Stair-Master...

Last night's carb-fest recipe was... ok. I made cookies using the carb meal components and they smelled amazing.... AMAZING while they baked. And they were good. Dense, moist, and very filling. But they didn't taste as good as they smelled, so I'll be tweaking that recipe.

This morning I was off to the gym. Got on the stairmaster for my 30 minutes of morning steady-state and plugged in my tunes. While I don't mind doing the cardio, time does seem to be stretching out a bit more than it once did, lol. Step, step, step. My playlist is awesome and really keeping me focused. I'll post it soon - but warn you right now, there will be no judging. Cheetah Girls do have their place, evidently it's on my steady state cardio list. Lol. Hey, I said no judging. :-)

So I'm climbing. And climbing. 3 minutes to go, and this song comes on. Now, I like this song, it's a sweet favorite of mine, and inspirational. I've heard this song a million times (ok, maybe not a million, but you know what I mean). It's nice. But as I'm climbing, the words really reached out and grabbed me by the throat, and suddenly I'm crying! Almost sobbing! On the stair-master. In a packed gym. I wasn't sad, or scared, or anything like that, it wasn't even an anticipation type cry... it was "OMG, I am DOING this! I am getting on a stage. I am going to reach my goal!" See, now I'm tearing up again.

I've known I'm headed toward that stage. That's what all this hard work, and tight diet, and mood swings is all about. THAT'S where I'm going. I know that. I've worked on visualizing myself on the stage, I've worked on walking, posing, lifting, cardio and on and on. Suddenly, though, the moment became very real to me. This moment. In this moment, I am becoming. In this moment, I am more than I was.

I've spent a  lot of time on the stair-master. I've had the bejeebers scared out of me (thanks, Tab!), I've tripped (yep, still a klutz), I've dropped things, spilled things, hit the wrong button and gone waaaay too fast, hit the wrong button and come to a jerking standstill. I've concocted recipes and blog posts. But this was like the sun coming out of the clouds. It probably sounds really goofy, lol. But in that moment, it was MY moment.  I am doing this.


  1. Oh wow! I really needed this today. I've been finding other things to do all day, besides work out. This was just the kick in the butt I needed. Thanks, Chelle. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go become something much better than I currently am! :)

  2. Yes, Chelle it is your moment...Enjoy!!! crazy days and's your moment:) Kaii528

  3. Definitely! I love moments like that! I usually get them after therapy or sometimes just randomly after reading or thinking about something inspiring. It's great :)

    But... can we talk about this Cheetah Girls business? Oh my. lol I love you!!

  4. You are doing this! You look amazing and enjoy every single moment of have earned this!

  5. i can only imagine how surreal it must seem to you. you have been gettin down and gritty with it for a while now and focuse on the how... all of a sudden the what came into focus for you.. you ARE doing this!! so so impressed and proud of you... relish the moments Chelle, it isn't just the destination that is so amazing and the end all.. .it is the journey and the "polishing" the relieves the true grit and character... and you have it girl!!! so so impressed!!!
    enjoy your weekend each one brings you that much closer!!!!

  6. I started getting choked up reading this post. You are bursting with emotion! Let those tears flow, Chelle!! Embrace those feelings! You are proud of yourself and I am so proud of you too!!

    My song to cry to was Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are!

  7. Go Chelle, go!
    So proud of you, and glad that the sunshine shined through for you. You own it! Wendy