Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down...

Ummm, well, not so much. This Weeble wobbles AND falls down! Lol! Here's what happened...

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall DownYesterday, it was snack time. 3pm. And I was soooo ready! I stood up to gather my stuff and my legs went out from under me. You know that whole "leg went to sleep - dead wood" deal? I caught myself on my desk, and turned back to my chair. As I lowered to my seat, I pitched forward face-first... I was pretty much numb from the waist down! And then my head went fuggy. 

I freaked, I am not ashamed to say. I nearly called Bill to take me to the hospital, but thought I should give it a few minutes and see if it faded. Eventually it did. Eating my snack cleared up my head, and the numb deal settled into just my right leg from the hip down. Still freaked out, but no longer afraid I had been struck down by some rare & random disease, I kept moving trying to "wake" it up.

I went to TBC (total body conditioning) hoping the movement would do the trick. So, we're doing single leg squats, with the other leg sliding out sideways on a disk/slider, while we're holding dumbbells and doing bicep curls. Conveniently, my step was right next to me from the previous exercise. This turned out to be quite fortuitous when my right leg decided it was dead again and buckled. That step six inches off the ground kept me from landing on my ass on the floor. Tab didn't see it happen, but she did give me the fish eye when she looked over to see me "loafing" on the step while giggling uncontrollably. 

Yes, Weebles wobble, and DO fall down.

After class, Tab worked on my leg, and when she was done the numbness was gone... in it's place was hamstring pain. The best we can figure is that I slept funny the night before then because I sit most of the day, I must have a pinched nerve as a result of my inflamed hamstring. I suppose I should be grateful the pinch caused it to go dead, and not "live-wire" as is typical with a pinched nerve. Which, got me thinking... I wonder if that's why my knees didn't hurt during my morning cardio yesterday... because the nerves were numb! Oy. I iced my hamstring when I got home, then iced my knee before bed (lol - me and the ice-pack, we're buds).  I wobbled & went down a couple more times last night (thank the gods for the stair railing on the way down!). Today, it just feels funny. Kind of like I have to kick the leg out in front of me to move it. It'll be fine for several steps, then buckle. I've made another appt with Kara the Sports Massage Goddess, though they couldn't get me in until tomorrow at 4:15. Hmmm. Leg day is at 6:30 am tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Could be quite entertaining. I think when I do my cardio this evening that I will most certainly be holding onto the handles. :-)


  1. Chelle, keep an eye on that, if your leg starts swelling it could be a blood clot. I've had two of them and it always starts with my leg going numb. Be careful!

  2. Yikes! That's scary!!! No swelling, and today it feels normal (yay!).