Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap with Pictures

Hope your weekend was fabulous! Here's a quick recap of mine...  Friday was filled with errands and workouts, Saturday was crazy-weather day. Sunday was my Food Prep day, and Monday was the bbq.

On Saturday, Tab gave me my next personal-growth homework assignment... during the bbq on Monday, I was ordered to wear my bikini top all day. Cool, I thought, I've already decided to do that (remember how shy I am, this is a big step for me). Then she dropped the bomb... without a coverup. #$%&!!! I had to wear just the bikini (shorts were allowed), without a coverup, all day - as long as anyone besides Bill and I was there. Yikes.

Well, this meant I needed a new bikini. No, seriously. Mine was way too big since I started cutting weight (haha, especially the top), so I grabbed Bill and drug him out for a bikini search. Oy. I did manage to find a new bottom, but the top eluded me and I ended up using an old one that I simply tied around my neck (it has a hook, but there was so much leftover I could actually tie it). On our way home, this was what we got:

Yeah, that's freakin' hot. No, it's not a mistake. 121 degrees. Felt like an oven. And the wind was blowing. It felt like an oven with a blowback fan. Lol. 

Back home, we relaxed on the back patio, enjoying the much cooler evening, when we were attacked by this...

Bethany and her friends had glow in the dark glasses. They had much fun walking through the neighborhood after dark. LOL

Sunday was prep day... I planned my menu, made my grocery list, and hit the stores... after I had my blueberry muffins, lol! Serious yummage while I read through my Oxygen Glutes issue before hitting the road. Then from there my day was full of the usual food prep, plus some extra work for the bbq on monday. We had an awesome storm hit later that evening, so Bill and I sat out back and watched the lightning show.

Monday, my house was full of food. Lots and lots of food. Food I couldn't eat. :-( Oh well. I stuck to my diet, and my schedule, and ended the holiday fully on track. I'm 8 weeks away from stage, and sure, the diet sucks, but after 18 weeks of gearing up, I kinda feel like I'm in the home stretch. 8 weeks might seem like a long way off, but really it's next month. How crazy is that? I'm competing next month! Wow!

We're working on getting some post-show R&R set up. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that we get it worked out.

Oh... and I met the personal-growth challenge. It wasn't easy, and I had to work hard to put out of my mind that I was wearing only a bikini top and baring my tummy, but I did it. Baby steps taking me closer to stage. 

My training changed this week along with my macros. I've got 3 double-cardio days this week. Sunday was my rest day, Monday was Chest, plus HIIT cardio, plus Steady-state cardio. Tuesday (today) was HIIT cardio, then Legs, then Steady-state cardio. Wednesday will be Back/Biceps plus HIIT cardio, plus Steady-State cardio (plus bowling league night). Thursday will be Workout, plus Steady-state cardio. Friday will be Legs plus steady-state cardio. Saturday will be Steady-State cardio. Whew... makes me tired just lookin' at that, lol!

In other news... July 3rd was my Dad's birthday, and he and my niece celebrated together...

I always get more homesick than usual when an event is happening. Sacramento seems so far away sometimes. I was loving flipping through the photos my sibs took, and then...
I saw this...


Do you know how much trouble we'd have been in when we were kids if we A) brought sparklers inside; let alone B) wrote our names in the air with them - again, INSIDE. Do you see how much the grandkids get away with?? So unfair.

ROFL!  Sure wish I'd been there to see it :-)


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