Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Update

It's a crazy world we live in, filled with crazy people. Evidently I have crossed over and become one of the crazy. My children tell me I'm a scary person. I thought I was being nice. I mean really, we showed up early for the doctor's appointment. Don't even need to see the doctor, just the tech to get an immunization for my 15 year old. We were kept waiting for over an hour. Then we were called back. Then they could't figure out which immunization she needed because they failed to pull her chart. I whip out my smartphone and google immunization boosters needed at age 15, and there it is... hmm, was that so hard?

Thankfully, the sweet tech deals with bitchy people all the time, and at the end simply thanked me for not screaming at her. Huh. Guess I wasn't so nice.

I do NOT like this side of me, folks. Not one little bit. I really am nice. I'm a nice person, probably not the most tolerant, and really, who wants to be kept waiting for an hour when you've got another appointment following, but I really am a nice person. Not this bitch creature who keeps using my mouth to speak and my tear-ducts to leak. Oy.

I started the day with an upper body workout, followed by HIIT on the stairmaster, then on to the appointments. One of them was with the Hair God, Daniel Colon at Regis (truly amazing), and he was wonderful, though he too admitted I'm different lately, lol. More errands, Shiloh helped me out by driving Bethany to Cheer while I was in Daniel's chair, then coming back for me, then finally made it home, to change, kiss my hubby hello (he'd been gone for 3 days), and back out the door for Cardio #2. I had to force myself to go. I was so tired, worn out, beat up. But I went. And somewhere along minute 15 (of 40) the music started reaching me. I caught a second wind and pumped through the rest of my cardio while making recipes in my head (yeah, I'm weird like that).

Back home, I threw together dinner (baked swai and steamed asparagus with peanut butter and chipotle peppers), mixed up my protein ice cream (straight up chocolate) and stuck it in the fridge to chill. Then, I got to relax with the hubby. We caught up on Eureka and watched the pilot of Alphas (yeah, we're sci-fi geeks), while I ate my ice cream, then crashed.

Sometime during the night, Bethany arrived home from the Cheer sleepover, she'd gotten sick and the mom had graciously brought her home. Poor kid. This morning she's still out while Bill and I enjoy coffee before I hit the gym for my final cardio session of the week. Then I'll be cleaning up and heading out to do all the grocery shopping. I hope to get the bulk of my prep done today so I can really rest tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

So there's my update. I'm back from the dark side mentally (haha, for the moment), and ready to kick today's ass.


  1. Chelle,

    Really enjoy reading your blog because you post the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm looking forward to reading you brought home a first place trophy. I have 2 questions ~ the first is I tried to find the ice cream in a bag recipe if you don't have an ice cream maker and was unable to locate on your recipe page. 2nd question is I can never reprint your recipes to try and make them. For instance when I just tried to copy and paste the recipe for banana doodles only the picture came out? Please help as I would like to live a cleaner eating lifestyle as my husband and I head into our 50's

  2. Disregard the first comment ~ just went back and was able to find your ice cream in a ziploc but still would like to be able to print out recipes.

  3. Thanks so much!!

    I'll be posting the ice cream recipe over here shortly. :-)

  4. Here' it is! And there's a handy green "print" button now on all my posts :-)

    The Banana-Doodles recipe can be printed from here: