Friday, July 1, 2011

What do ya think of me now?? Funny Follow Up to Yesterday's Post

After my post yesterday, Whimpers and Roars... I got an email from my Mom who read it and reminded me of an event from my childhood. I sat there and just laughed and laughed.

When I was tiny, my legs were tweaked. I had to wear braces on both legs to walk (don't think that didn't come to mind when the doctor put me in not one, but TWO full knee braces last fall!). Back in the 70's leg braces were bulky, ugly, and magnets for bully's.  One day, Mom had taken me to the park to play. While we played near a big fountain, a little boy started tormenting me. Mom, understandably, took offense at this, and spoke to the boy's mother. The boy's mother didn't see a problem.

Now, let me tell ya'll something about my Mama... NOBODY messes with my Mama's kids. She makes a mama bear seem gentle and ineffective.

Words were exchanged, and a little pushy-shovey might have ensued (it was the 70's, but peace wasn't the order of the day). The incident ended with the boy's mother pulling herself out of the fountain, while Mom and I, braces and all, walked away.

My legs did eventually grow properly, turned in the right direction, and the braces were removed.

This morning, Mom's email read, "When I saw your picture of your defined muscles, I thought of that kid who made fun of you when you had braces on your legs (yes, many, many years ago). I imagined a post card with that picture on the front and "What do ya think of me now?" on the back. "

ROFLMAO!!!!! Oh lordy, yes! Hahahaha!! Can I send one to my ex, too? LOL!!!
Thanks Mom!!  :-)

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  1. what a great story. Really puts things into perspective huh? moms are so great : )

    and thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement. Im going to compete REGARDLESS of where I am in 2 weeks. I have come far. so why not go with it right?

    thanks again for putting things into perspective!