Wednesday, August 3, 2011

24 Days to Go!

I've gone from counting weeks to counting days. I announced my decision to compete Tuesday, March 15th. That was 141 days ago; 20 weeks ago. I am down to less than 4 weeks, or to be specific, 24 days. Wowsa!

I'm in the final stretch, and it's getting dicey. The hungry-monster is not a fluke. Evidently, he's right on schedule. I had a bit of a meltdown last night... following my insanely hungry day, I did an hour of Spin class - crazy cardio burn, right? NO. 327 calories. That's all! I wigged. How can my burns be getting lower and lower? Isn't this going to hurt me? Shouldn't I be burning insane calories through all my workouts & cardio? What's going on?!!

I had a baby cucumber in my cooler yesterday. They're a free food, but it's not on my meal plan, so it's better if I don't have it, but I can if I need it. Well, I didn't eat it. And I didn't eat it. Then I took spin, was beyond famished, and as soon as I walked in the door at home, I pulled it out and started gnoshing. Bill stepped back, and said to the kids, "Don't make eye contact with the wildlife. It's safer. Just slowly back away."  Really? I guess so. Sigh. The hunger-monster has definitely moved in, and evidently, he lacks table manners.

Despite wanting to knock Bill over the head with my cucumber - hello Grouchy-Monster, I continued to prep my dinner, and worry about my calorie burns and my outrageous hunger. Enter Tab. The woman with mad skills. She can, with a single phone call, talk me off the ledge. Again.

My metabolism is revving, duh, I'm hungry. My burn is lower, duh, I'm smaller (caloric burn is relative to body weight - it's why men typically lose more initial weight & faster - cuz they're bigger - that's super-simplifying it, but you get the idea). And it's not about the exercise burn, it's all about the post-exercise burn...that's where the real magic happens. I know this. I've studied this. But as it applies to me, I tend to blank. So Tab managed to knock some sense back into my head. As she put it today, I am underfed and over-trained, so yeah, duh, I'm grouchy, hungry, tired, worn out, blah blah blah. [Quick sidebar here... one thing I am not is mal-nourished, or even ill-nourished. I am WELL-nourished. I am healthy. My whole foods might be limited, but that's why I take so many supplements. We are making absolutely sure that my body is getting what it needs, even as we beat it into submission.]

The bottom line is... all is exactly as it should be. And that, my friends, is just crazy. Lol. And I must be certifiable because once I understood that this is how it's supposed to be, I'm back to loving every minute of it. Sort of, lol. I mean, you can't really love feeling like this, but it's the road to a destination I never imagined I'd reach. How cool is that??

So while Grouchy and Hungry continue to duke it out in the backseat and badger me with the Are we there yet??'s I'll keep traveling this road until I reach the show. I will continue to lay everything I've got on the table every day. I will continue to stay true to the diet. I will give my workouts my all. I will continue to be able to say, every night, that TODAY, I did everything in my power to reach my goal. I am 24 days from my first Figure Competition.



  1. LOL! I LOVE the food monster!! You are too freaking hilarious. I had a nervous breakdown yesterday just finding out what my body fat percent was (pathetic, yes). Everyone at the gym thinks I am crazy and has been telling me my percent is fine, but I am NOT ok with fine or average. I know I can do better. Every time I feel like quitting at the gym you become my inspiration. All I have to do is think that you are working ten times harder then me and staying strong and overcoming every tough obstacle that comes your way. SO proud of you each and everyday. Keep visualizing yourself on that stage. WOW! What a moment it is going to be. Again thank you for everything that you do.


  2. Hang in there! You are so close! I remember the time I cried through an entire workout with my trainer. It was uncontrollable. I felt so silly. I kept apologizing, but I could not stop the tears from falling. She just kept pushing me and told me it means we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Everyone cries (even the guys!)! This is the extreme part of this extreme sport, but standing on stage makes it all worth it! Rooting for you, Chelle! *hugs*

  3. 24 days YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!

    I went through the same emotional roller coasters. pickles were my poison.

    When you look back on the hungry and grouchy monster in 30 days or so (yes it took me a week to get back to my "regular" self) you'll laugh. right now I know that's no consolation but YOU are such an inspiration. I am so happy I get to be here with you on this journey!

  4. Luvena, thank you so much!! The encouragement you gals give me is so very appreciated!!
    KarateNurse - YES! I cried this morning on the leg press and Tab says, "Why are you crying?" I just shrugged my shoulders - I had no idea why! LOL! Crazy hormones!
    AFineBalance - ah pickles - I'm afraid if I ate just one I'd never stop! I'm a sucker for the salty! :-)
    Thanks Gals!! You're the best!!