Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Champion Nutrition USA - Weekly Recipe! Cupcakes!

Sometimes you just need a cupcake. And I'm not talking about those bake-in-a-mug-in-the-microwave-and-watch-it-try-to-climb-out-of-the-cup deals... I'm talking about a cupcake - with frosting. How about one with only 3 ingredients? How about one that's only 165 calories?

Oh... and how about a cupcake that fits with your training diet but actually tastes good?

I gotcha covered.  Fast and easy to prepare, these are almost idiot-proof (I say almost, because I did try to screw 'em up, but couldn't - but that doesn't mean I won't succeed in the future - leaving myself an out here). They're tasty and tempting... my daughter actually grabbed one and ran for the stairs, when the hubby asked her what she thought, she said (with her mouth full) "This is really, really good... are you sure Mom made this with that protein stuff??"  Nice. FYI, she has an aversion to "healthy" treats.  I guess I showed her, eh? LOL!

So, without further delay... 

Champion Chocolate Protein Cupcakes
recipe by Chelle Stafford

For the Cupcakes...

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees & spray a muffin tin (6) with spray oil.
  2. In a deep bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
  3. In a blender or Magic Bullet, (or in a bowl with a mixer), mix 4 scoops protein powder with half a cup of water and 1 egg yolk, then pour into a bowl. 
  4. Fold in (gently mix) the egg whites.
  5. Pour batter into the muffin pan.
  6. Bake for 12-14 minutes, or until knife inserted comes out clean.
  7. Remove pan to wire rack and cool.

For the Frosting...

  1. Blend well, then chill in a small bowl. 
  2. When cupcakes are cool, frost with the chilled mixture. 
  3. Enjoy!!

Nutrition Information...
Makes 6 frosted cupcakes. Each is: 165 calories; 32 g protein, 3 g carb, 3 g fat. (sorry about the screwy numbers earlier -it's the lack of carbs, I'm tellin' ya!!)



You can view more of my recipes at www.BillandChelle.com/fitness/recipes.html


  1. Looks yummy! Just started my comp diet on Monday for my 1st competition... I'll have to try these! Love your site by the way! You will do great at your competition!!!

  2. I want to try these too! They look wonderful! But my math isn't working....? If there's 6 scoops of that protein in them/frosting - that's at least 450 calories total (not including the egg/egg whites) and for 6 cupcakes I'm coming up with at least 75 calories each.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.....

    Good luck this weekend! You've worked SO hard and I think you're going to have a great time. :-)

  3. Uh, yeah, that would be because the carb fairies flew away with my brains!!! Uno momento, I will edit....

  4. Ok, whew! it's fixed! LOL!!! Sorry about that folks!!!!!

  5. OHH I cant wait to make these. I would love a brownie. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Oohh.... this sounds almost too good to be true. I will try making these for sure although I am nervous because my protein powder is different and it's not very chocolaty. I think I will have to add some cocoa, I hope it works... Thanks for posting this!

  7. These look really good! Now to order some of this protein and give it a try! Great idea!

  8. Oh my. This will definitely ruin my diet. Chocolates are my weakness but I guess this wont hurt much since you yourself is having these cupcakes.

  9. wow those cookies look so great and despite the fact that they're easy to bake they look really great! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!