Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Coach Factor

I've been saying it for years, Tabitha is the World's Greatest Trainer. Period. When my journey began, she showed me the way. When the road got rough, she taught me to be tougher. When injury threatened to stop me from reaching my weight loss goals, she stepped in with "Plan B" (and sometimes "Plan C") and got me to the finish line. She taught me about clean eating, exercise, being an athlete. She allowed me to be me, and encouraged me to try out my wings and fly. Tab has, over the years, been my teacher, mentor, sounding board, trainer, cheerleader, and my best friend. And then she agreed to be my coach as I embarked on yet another crazy challenge.

I underestimated the impact that request would make on her life. I knew I was asking a lot. I knew I couldn't do it without her, but I really had no idea how much it would involve her. She gives to me every day. Every morning, she trains me at the godless hour. Every day she coaches me, checks on me, listens to me, advises me, keeps me moving in the right direction... every day. She deals with my tears, my whimpers, my attitude, my lack of energy, all the "stuff" that goes with training for a competition.

I have not said often enough how much I appreciate all she has done and is doing to get me to the stage. And how do I reward this extreme sacrifice and selfless giving? <sigh> By getting injured. Again. My knee imploded this morning. Today was leg day. One of only 2 leg days left before show. First set and I'm feeling pain. It just got worse and worse until it was constant sharp pain. No doubt about it, it's injured.

I was in tears - pain, frustration, fear. I was devastated. Tab kept saying, don't worry, we'll get through this. As I have for the last many years, I let her voice pull me back from the brink. We adjusted, we tested, we adjusted, and she got me resettled and moving. As she put it, I pushed her all the way to "Plan D", but it got done. I did work my legs, and I got my morning cardio done (and amazing woman that she is, she stood beside me for 40 minutes chatting and keeping me going). A few adjustments will be made to my cardio (choice of equipment is now limited until this flare goes away), but I'm still on track. I'm still moving forward.

Under the best of circumstances, the right coach can make all the difference. I am uniquely blessed to have not only the right coach, but the World's Greatest Coach - in any circumstance!

Thank you, Obi-Wan-Coachobi!!!!

Found this gem on GetItGirl's blog :-)


  1. Chelle, I'm sorry to hear about your knee! That's really awful, but I know you're so capable and you've got great support in Tab. I'm glad you guys found each other!

    Keep updating on the knee please. Are you going to see someone?

  2. Yea, the value of a great coach can never be expressed in mere words.....Tab sounds so perfect for you. Hope the knee doesn't cause too much stress. Hang in there! you can do this!