Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy days...

Last night after work, I headed to the gym for Abs class, followed by 40 minutes of steady-state cardio on the bike, followed by stripping down to my sports bra and stripper heels for posing practice. I was a sweaty mess, and the room we were working in was a meat-locker. I was frozen! Took me 2 hours to defrost once I got home, lol. Note to self... ALWAYS have spare clothes in the backpack!! Silly me.

Back home, I threw down my baked swai & asparagus, prepped my cooler for today, checked the calendar for anything I missed, caught up a bit with Bethany (sophomore registration was yesterday), and then it was time to make my egg whites & veggies. Then it was time to crash. Sooooo tired!

This morning I had a cup of coffee after Achmed the Dead Terrorist woke me (new calendar tone - Silence, I Keel You!), then was out the door for my Legs Day. One word - ouch. I can't even capitalize "ouch" because I just wanna curl up in a ball and whimper-ouch. LOL. After, I was set to head to the gym for my HIIT, but it was a good thing I checked my handy notebook because today was a NO-DOUBLE! Wooooooooohooo! :-) I went straight home for my breakfast and coffee, got ready and headed to the office, where I've fought the demons of the craigslist servers all day. I'm pooped, but when I'm off work, it's straight to the gym for 40 minutes of steady-state cardio. I've been playing with my shuffle playlist off & on, so hopefully the tunes will keep me moving. I kinda feel like my legs are not quite attached to my body, lol.
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The best part about today? IT'S A CARB DAY!!!!  I get to have carbs tonight for meal 6!!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!! I have to get through the rest of the day at work, and through my cardio, and through my responsibilities at home & prep for tomorrow, and then I get carbs!

Yummy, nummy carbs! Oatmeal, banana, sweet potato, plus butter! Oh, and I get a cup of veggies, too. :-D

Tomorrow is an arm/shoulder workout, then HIIT, then a million things to do, then 40 minutes of steady state. Saturday I've got another double - Spin in the morning, steady state in the evening, and then the week is over and I'll officially be in Week 3! Wow!

Huh. Ok, that thought brought on a bit of a panic, so I'm signing off to go distract myself and get back to my war against the machines....


  1. Am I the only one who has noticed you are WAY too excited about CARB DAY!!! LOL!!! Good job, you are in the home stretch, Chelle! So proud of you for staying the course!

  2. You're so close and doing amazing!!! Enjoy those carbs. BTW...your progress pics look great. Your abs are developing nicely!!! I can't even imagine what another 3 weeks will do!! You are going to be rocking that stage...woohoo!