Friday, August 12, 2011

Fierce Friday

I started my morning, per my usual, in the gym. A 5 minute warmup then I hit the weights. Tab's in L.A., so I was on my own, and determined to do everything in my power to make it a great workout. I did it in 3 groups... set one 5x, no rest; set two 4x, no rest; set three 3x no rest. My last set included 21's (15# dumbbells), reverse curls (8# dumbbells), shoulder raises (8# dumbbells), and leg raises. Round 2, I hit failure on the 21's at five full - pissed me off. I came back in round 3 and got them all. I noticed something funny though, as I did my sets. When I began, the free weight area was full. It was empty when I was done. Hmmm. Scared, boys? LOL! Kidding, but it was funny.

I drank some water, reset my heart-rate monitor and headed for the StairMaster. 40 grueling minutes later I was done. for the morning. My cardio is getting more monotonous. My playlists are helping, but I get bored easily these days. I was warned about this, so it's no surprise, and I just push through. Every step gets me closer to goal.

Home again, I scrambled some egg whites with my beloved Hatch chilies, had my half-grapefruit and coffee, and am now counting the minutes until Snack 1 when I can have my protein pudding. You know you're a competitor when... time only exists as a space between meals. Lol. I do have to say I'm hungrier. Didn't think I could get hungrier, lol, evidently I was wrong. I really struggled yesterday, and hadn't packed any emergency cucumbers because I haven't needed them. I was really excited for my 9pm carb load meal, not because of the carbs but because of the sheer amount of food. Crazy.  I'd like to say I'm getting used to my stomach growling, but I'm not. I do know that every moment of hunger is worth the prize.

Today I've got a million things to do. I'll get done what I can. Tomorrow is the posing clinic, plus all my food prep. Sunday I'd really like to be able to REST between cardio sessions. We'll see how it goes. My brain is a little frazzled, and I keep doing silly things... like putting the egg whites in the spice cabinet, the Mrs Dash in the fridge, and the favorite - walking into a room to get something then having absolutely no idea what I'm there for. I keep having this dream that I forget tomorrow's posing clinic and wake up in a panic. Goofy, I know.

Well, I'm off to .... huh. Blank. Oh well, I'm sure I'll remember...


  1. Oh my! I am sweating my rear off when I do 20 minutes on the stair mill! Wowza!

    & don't feel bad because I put a tablespoon of ground flax meal in my French press and a tablespoon of coffee in my oatmeal the other day... I don't even have an excuse. =)

    You are almost there!!


  2. lol oh this is giving me flashbacks to my own close to competition days : )

    you're doing fabulous and believe me cardio doesn't get any easier but hopefully you get through them...i used to push myself by saying

    just one more minute
    get thought the next minute....or five more Nini you can push through...self talk can help


  3. Wish you lived near me, I'd have someone to eat all the cucumbers I'm growing! I get 2-3 a day and have a fridge full. Plus jars and jars of pickles. Have any good cucumber recipes :)