Friday, August 5, 2011

Frantic Fridays

So much to do! It's gonna be a busy day! I've got my list, which is fluid as the order changes as the day progresses. My grocery list is also mostly done, and I've made my list for tomorrow... lots and lots to do tomorrow. Many recipes to test :-) My family will love me for these, as they're not competition food, lol.  We're in full Holiday Food swing around here as I prep recipes for the premier of World Physique Women Magazine. So excited about this!! It adds a bit to the frantic nature of my days because my deadline is just before my competition, but I can live with that :-)

Yesterday was a bit crazy. After work, I hit the grocery store... my son is under the weather, so I did a sprint through Frys to pick up medicine, food, water and a few other things for him, rushed home to drop them off so Shiloh (my 17 yo) could deliver them to Joey, then I was off to the gym for my cardio. 40 minutes on the stairmaster. They're getting longer, those minutes. Tab came over to distract me for a bit, and told me I could wait to do abs (was supposed to do 3 sets after cardio). I wanted to kiss her feet. I cleaned off my machine and headed home, but the guilt got to me. I did the abs (crunches on the exercise ball with feet on the wall - 30 center, 30 left, 30 right, plus 30 leg lifts all x3) as soon as I walked in the door. Why? Because if I didn't do them, if I took the easy way out, I couldn't say at the end of the day that I'd done everything in my power today to prepare for the stage. Now I could.

Dinner was baked swai & asparagus, then it was carb time!!  Yay for carbs!  Last night's batch of carb cookies were the best yet, and even got the Bill-Approval! The kids all wanted to know why they couldn't have any, and the house smelled like pumpkin pie. :-) Nice.

I crashed, and Shi woke me up when she returned home from the midnight premier she'd gone to.... to tell me, at 3am, that someone had hit my car (she had taken my car to the theater) in the parking lot. "Don't freak out, Mom, I got his insurance and everything, it's ok." Let me repeat, 3am. Oy.  I looked at my car this morning, and she's right, it's not bad, but I'll let Bill decide if we need to follow through. This is the third time this year my car has been hit, 2nd time in a parking lot. Really????

Anyway, so as soon as this is gone (see photo), I'm out the door. I've got laundry going, I'll switch that when I return from doing my HIIT, then it's the mad rush to get everything done before my lifting & posing session this afternoon.

Here we go... Giddyup!!  :-)

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  1. You are so freaking amazing lady.
    I really do not know where you dig out this amazing willpower and determination. I swear you are no mere mortal woman!