Saturday, August 20, 2011

Freaky Friday Flashback

I didn't manage to post yesterday, it was a crazy day, but here's the recap..
6:30 am - Arms & Abs.
Hour workout followed by 45 minutes of cardio. I'm on the treadmill, walking at an incline to keep my heartrate where it needs to be. Because of the incline, my leg can't fully extend which means no knee pain. This is my new cardio routine for duration.
Back home, I grabbed breakfast, drank much coffee, then showered and was out the door. One of the things I needed to find yesterday was a new bathing suit for Mexico (yay!). I scored on the $5 rack at Target, but had to hit 3 Target's to get everything matched, lol. It was worth the effort, though. I also hit up Whole Foods for more roasted hatch chilies (wooohoo!), ate several meals in the car, lol, did my banking errands, and managed to get the majority of my list knocked off before my 3pm posing appointment.

At 3, Tab and I got me into my suit & heels then headed toward the group exercise room at Mountainside. Jim, the trainer who took Tab to her show, joined us to help critique and guide my quarter turns, posing, and my T-Walk. Towards the end, Bill also joined us, and this was the first time he's seen me not only do the full routine, but in the suit, too.

So why is this post titled Freaky Friday? Because it was surreal. That was me in the group ex room... wearing that little tiny sparkly suit and walking, strutting, striking poses, smiling, laughing (so my abs pop out). Me. Shy, terrified me. And because we didn't have any bikini bite yet (this is the glue that holds the suit where it's supposed to stay), I had to keep pulling the backside out of my rear. Lol. And the cups back down. Having absolutely no boobage left means there's nothing to hold my industrial-strength padded top in place. I finally decided it's a bit like childbirth... you reach a point in that hospital bed when you realize that there simply is no such thing as modesty in this circumstance, and you just go forward. What else are you going to do? Stop fighting it and just roll. Even when the suit rolls.

Got lots of positive feedback on the routine Tab's created for me, and on where I'm at physically. I'm feeling confident and excited. Jim teased me a bit about my choice of post-show meal (Greek yogurt & my homemade granola), but I'm getting a lot of that, LOL!

Posing done, Bill headed home and I changed and hit the treadmill for Cardio 2. 60 minutes later, I rushed home to shower and get ready. Bill and I were joining friends at a pool bar (pool the game, not swimming) for a couple hours. I repacked my cooler, grabbed my water and away we went. The bar was very cool about allowing me to bring in my water, which was a surprise - usually that's a big no-no.  We had a nice time, then headed home - me eating my hard boiled egg whites & a red pepper like it was an apple as I drove. Gotta do what you gotta do.

How to locate the Figure Competitor in the Bar...
And then the big FREAK of my friday.

Got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I heard something funny, turned and saw I'd almost stepped on a snake! Then it hissed, curled up, began rattling and struck at me as I went flying sideways off the sidewalk and into the rocks, where my feverish mind is imagining more snakes lying in wait, so I'm scrambling back and over and around and generally looking ridiculous. Bill comes running to see why I'm screaming "No! Snake! No!" Says not to worry, it's probably just another garden snake, go inside.... well I would but the freaking door is locked!!!!!

I get inside, Bill grabbed the door jammer (thing you stick in the door to keep it from being forced open), and I head to the kitchen (far away from the front door). In the kitchen I can hear this thing rattling, I hear Bill cussing, the dog is going nuts at the front door wanting out, and I'm still wigged. Bill finally comes back in and the door jammer is bent to hell and back, but he's got that grin on his face that guys get when they've done something particularly manly. It's dead, he tells me. Wanna see? Ummmmm, NO.  So he grabs our biggest kitchen knife and heads back out. He cuts off the head and garbage cans it, then cuts off the tail (I guess it's some kind of trophy), then drags me out to see the body. Turns out that little bugger was a Diamondback Rattler. Young, so even more dangerous. And it was still twitching. Why do guys get such a kick out of this???  The body went into a large ziploc then into the can. The tail went into a smaller ziploc and he plops it on the counter where I'm doing my food prep for the next day. REALLY????

Of all the things I've imagined (and I have a very good imagination) that could take me out of competition, that could stop me from reaching my goals... a Diamondback Rattlesnake bite was NOT on my list. I'm really, really glad it missed me.

We then texted all the girls to warn them, to tell them to be aware, and while they all got a big kick out of picturing my crazy dance, they get it and will be careful. It's the first rattler we've seen around here. Psycho pigs (we have javelinas), garden snakes, rabbits, birds, squirrels, but first rattler. Oy.

When things calmed down (ok, when I calmed down), I finished up my prep, iced my knee and crashed. Today is a new day.


  1. Holy Moly! How scary. Glad you are okay! And I agree, of all the things that could take a person out of a competition, getting bit by a snake would not be high on my list either! LOL!

  2. Wow! You did have a crazy day! My hubs just killed a rattlensake on our porch at work on Tuesday! They're really out and about this year. I think that was the second one we've had. Yikes!! Definitely watch your steps!!

  3. EWWWW! I hate snakes and can't even imagine being near a rattlesnake. Wow, I'd totally be as shaken up as you!

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