Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hatch = Happy!!!!

Guess who has fresh roasted Hatch Green Chilies??

ME!!! WootWooot!! I called Whole Foods, they told me the packages were ready, I shot off an email to my friend Patricia (who shares my slightly obsessive love of Hatch Green Goodness), and jumped in my car like it was the batmobile! Down the highway I flew, giggling the whole way. I zipped into a parking spot, grabbed my reusable insulated grocery bag, and ran in the store - straight to produce.

And didn't see them. No sign. No display.

But then I looked closer. 
Oh yeah. Happy Camper!

I greedily reached into the cooler, then yanked my hand back. Damn. No greed allowed. Be nice. At least leave some for Patricia. :-)   I picked up 4 (read GRABBED) packages, put them in my basket and chatted with the very nice produce gentlemen (who remembered the crazy-chili-wanting lady from the day before), then I headed to the tea aisle. FYI, those very kind men also assured me that the chilies are roasted without anything added - no oils, salts, etc. Just good ol' green chili & fire! 

As I'm mulling over (haha, no pun intended, but it was pretty clever) my choices of tea, Patricia walked down the aisle! We've exchanged emails, Facebook posts and text messages over the last year or so, we live in the same area, but we've never met face to face! How cool is this??? She looks fantastic, and I was very excited to finally meet her! We each had our, haha, fair-share of Hatch chilies in our respective baskets and can't wait to dig into them! 

Back at work, I snapped a pic to show you exactly how happy I am. Lunch will now include a still warm from the roaster Hatch Green Chili! Wooooohoooo!!!

I'm now eyeing my bag of chilies doing Golem again... "Ahhhhhh, my precious!!!"

*File this post under "how to make a really hungry figure competitor happy"  LOL!


  1. Those look delicious!
    And you, indeed, look like a happy camper!


  2. what are hatch green chilis and how do you use them? You're looking great by the way, Chelle :)

  3. Thanks!!!
    They're a chili pepper from New Mexico that are absolutely amazing! Once roasted, you peel off the burnt skin leaving the soft chili... stuff them with anything, or slice them & dice them and add to anything. I've done casseroles (like lasagna) with them, wrapped my chicken in them, eggs, cheese, pretty much anything including eating them plain. They can get HOT (my lips are still burning - who needs collagen when you've got hot chilies!) but mostly they're medium heat. YUM!!!

  4. Yay you got your chili's!!! I have never tried them but will probably be visiting whole foods tomorrow and will look into them. By the way I finally found coconut flour there the other day. I got confused though because they had 3 kinds LOL!! I finally decided on the Raw one. I figured raw is always better. So today I made your zucchini muffins and they are TERRIFIC!! Hard only to eat 1. I didn't make them with frosting either. Tomorrow is my Bday and I may make the banana doodles. YUMMY!! So far all your recipes I have made are WINNERS :0).

    Oh and I have the best story of the day. Apparently I forgot to leave my ego at the door of my gym today. I was doing my bench presses and said "yeah I can do one more..up..whoo hoo...I can do one more..push...uh...push...uh oh.." arms shaking...grrrr...nope not going up. Yup you can guess. No spotter. TRAPPED under the bar. HA. I played it off very well though. I was fine but my ego was and still is deeply bruised. I so thought I could push out just one more. Blah. Oh well next time :0) Hehe I never learn and am stubborn beyond belief. If anyone saw no one said anything. Tomorrow my bruised ego will follow me back into gym head held high ready to face leg day 2. A mix of heavy legs and plyo followed by some gruesome cardio. OH YEAH. Bring it on.

    Have a great evening Chelle and keep on keeping on girl!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Chelle, you must be feeling good! Yesterday's post was the longest I've seen and you're throwing humorous pictures in as well! Glad you've made it over the hump and good luck at the competition. We will be rooting for you!