Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurdles and Obstacles

So the day went well. I got it all done. I look like an oompah loompah. I got in the car after my tan, and immediately got a seat belt mark across my chest. ARGH! I headed to the mall, and in my pajamas (which are about 12 inches too long) and my orange skin and now multi-colored hair (yeah, they got my hair, lol), I strode through Scottsdale Fashion Square and into Sephora. Yes, I got looks. Holding my purse out to the side (can't put the strap on my shoulder, and my skin is still tacky), I got a tech who specializes in stage makeup and we worked up a skin match for my face tomorrow. From there, I went back out into the mall to Godiva (and the angels sang!). After making the sales associates weep in gratitude, I headed back to the car and home.

I prepped tomorrow's food, and then it happened... I screwed the tan. I put something in the sink, which knocked something else over, the something else was full of water which splashed up and out of the sink and all over my arms. Streaks galore. Panic ensued.

Texts and calls to Tab, to the tanning company, a few tears, and then I was on my way back to Mesa. The Aglow tanning people fixed me up and all was well. I breathed freely, relaxed, and walked in the door to plop my butt in a chair and not move again (so as not to screw my tan up again).... and then...

The dog licked my elbow.

Argh. Lol. Oh well, they can fix it in the morning and I am not concerned.

That's my update. Now we're watching Pumping Iron with Tab. G'nite!!


  1. ha ha ha! I am taking notes here Chelle!

  2. oh my goodness. thank God you have a sense of humor. so enjoy your posts. Praying for you. for confidence and peace:)