Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Continued...

Sorry for the abrupt closing of my last post... crazy day! After I left the office, I picked up Tab and we headed to Goodyear to BilboBaggs to pick up my competition suit. It's gorgeous! Even more sparkly and beautiful than I remembered! I was so excited! And it fit a ton better, lol! I'm still two weeks from show, and I'll shed more body fat and water between now and then, and am excited to see how it looks on show day.

Back on the road, Tab and I ran through options for my T-Walk (aka Model Walk) song. I need 60 seconds of pose-friendly tunes. We've got it narrowed to three or four choices right now, but I'm leaning pretty hard towards one. One which I had initially cut from my list months ago because it was too "big" for me... I was too shy to use it, too hide-in-the-corner to walk confidently with that particular song. Funny how far I've come :-) We'll be making the final choice soon, as I have to turn in my music disc next Thursday. Next Thursday! Wow! It's so close! Wooo!

I haven't really noticed the lack of carbs effecting me much... I mean, yeah, the obvious, but I've been ok with the diet. Hungry, yes, but not particularly for carbs. Well, I got a 2nd slap today to show me that it does indeed effect me, lol. The first, was my workout this morning, you remember, where I seriously bombed with the weights. Normal, Tab assures me, and right on schedule, but it shocked me. This afternoon, back in Fountain Hills, I made a turn, to Tab's horror. What?? OMG! I totally ran a red light. It was not the turn left if there's no traffic intersection I somehow thought it was. Oops! Then, making an immediate right, I pulled up to the gate box to punch in the code and hit the curb! I'm a little surprised Tab didn't jump out of the car and run screaming for her home, Lol! Good thing it's a carb meal night!

After dropping her off, I headed to the gym for my 2nd cardio. I'm breaking my rule these days, a lot. I'm taking my phone with me. Silenced, of course, but I'm checking email, twitter, facebook, etc while I climb. While I have not mastered the ability to compose an email, tweet or post while climbing, I am able to catch up on reading them.

Home again, dinner inhaled (Baked Swai and steamed asparagus with diced Hatch green chilies), I got to relax for a few minutes with Bill, before I got back on the computer. I hope to catch up a bit, then I need to prep my carb meal (yay!), then it's lights-out. Another day tomorrow. I'm on 2 weeks+ with no rest days, and while I feel good, I'm tired and wear out really, really fast.

Home stretch, though. :-) I can do anything for 11 days. 11 days is nothing. I have this! :-D

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  1. I was wondering about your sleeping patterns. When my body is not fed enough, I have a hard time sleeping and then a very hard time getting through my day both mentally and physically. I think that's the hardest part for me when reducing calories and or carbs. I too get very spacey!

    Yep! You're right, 11 more got this!!!! :)