Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Madness

The weekend was a whirlwind! Sunday was No Rest For the Competing day... I did my 1st cardio, then began my food prep, recipe testing, laundry, etc. Before I knew it I was scrambling to get back to the gym for cardio #2! It was a blur.

My amazing hubby built me a light box! I tested recipes, and he photographed them. It was super crazy, but a lot of fun. Have I mentioned lately that I married a genius? Because I did. :-D

We tested 10 recipes. Whew! One for my Champion Nutrition USA Team Post tomorrow (watch for that!), and the rest for my World Physique Women Magazine debut :-)  Everything was tasty and looked good, I'm happy. The family is very good about honest feedback (too good?), so I never have to worry about that, lol! It wasn't too bad making all that food, because I know I've only got 2 weeks to go. I can see the finish line. I can stay on track.

And then I went to my workout.

Let me begin by saying I feel great. I'm not sleeping as well as I was, takes a LOT longer to fall asleep lately, and I'm up all the darn time to use the restroom, but nothing major. I don't feel wiped out (with the exception of my falling tree episode on friday where I crashed hard & took a 3 hour nap! Last time I did that was more than 5 months ago when I was sick!), I actually feel good! Into the studio I walk - it's Chest day. Tab sets up the same weights I've been using for several weeks... I get moving... only to discover I can barely move them! WTF?? I mean seriously, this was a shock. I was horrified! I feel good, why can't I lift my usual weights? What's wrong with me?

Tab had to (re)explain to me that I'm depleting... it's a process, it's phases, and my body is catching up to my diet & cardio. Sure, I feel good, but I haven't had carbs since last Thursday, and there's no stored energy. Oh yeah. I get it. Oy. Then she reminded me... it only gets worse. The battle I'll fight now is all in my head. My head thinks I can do more than I physically can. Since I already have a wonder-woman complex/drive, I'm going to really have to reign it in and focus on taking care of myself. If it doesn't need to be done, I don't do it. That's a toughy.

RATS... gotta run. I'll try and post later... I'm off to pick up my suit!


  1. AHHHH I am soooo excited for you PS I still haven't mad the protein bombs but I have all the ingredients and am going to. cant wait for the the next recipes.

    Cheering for you : )

  2. LOVE the protein bombs. really tasted like a cookie.yummy