Monday, August 22, 2011

Peak Week Monday

This morning started with a major revamp in the schedule. Major to me, anyway. Tab is sick, and I mean SICK. She feels horrible, and I feel horrible for her. She's spent the day sucking down soup and Vitamin C & zinc and tea. No fun.  My 6:30 am lifting got nixed, and my day got shifted. Things happen. We adjust. Here's the recap...
7am - 40 min cardio
8am - ate my egg muffins, but didn't have time for the grapefruit as I was eating while putting on makeup, lol.
9am - office. Inhale grapefruit, then hit the morning meeting.
10:30am - Snack 1 - protein pudding while frantically trying to accomplish the impossible.
12:45 - Lunch while still trying to get a week and a half's worth of work done.
2pm - final meeting with boss, then out the door (was supposed to be off at 1pm).
2:15pm - Grocery store and a couple other stores in same center trying to find a new purse - I've killed mine. No luck.
3:30pm - Home and snack 2 - more protein pudding (not nearly enough), then prep a ton of stuff including the post for tomorrow's recipe of the week. I just have to plug in the pics then it's ready. Unfortunately, this computer doesn't have an SD reader, and my portable is at the office. I was also texting back and forth with Tab... I'm bloated - mega bloated. Is this normal? What's the deal? She talks me down, and I move on.
4:30pm - Head to gym for my lifting. Tab had emailed me a workout (chest and tri's with abs). It was brutal. Not the workout, per se, but the no energy, no strength, feeling low then trying to do what I need to do. I got through it, then headed to the locker room where I gave in to the tears for a moment. Then I refilled my water bottle, grabbed my cardio bag (magazines, iPod shuffle, inhaler) and headed back out.
5:30pm - 6:30pm Cardio. The LONGEST hour of my life. My heart rate monitor was being wonky, losing signal over and over, I've got the incline cranked, and I'm trudging & puffing before I realize that it's not my heart rate that's the problem, it's the dagnabb monitor. ARGH.
6:45 pm back home, toss fish in the oven, and begin prep for tomorrow. Food all packed up and ready, I sit down with my book to figure out what I've still got to do and realize that today's evening cardio was only supposed to be 50 minutes. ARRRRRGGGHHHH. %$#@!!!  Whatever.
7:30pm dinner. Baked Swai & Asparagus. I ate while prepping my carb meal for later.
8:30pm... I'm fried. I'm on the ledge. I feel weak, wobbly, snappy - and I still have to do 30 minutes of posing. And my throat is sore.

This is peak week. In all it's glory. Lol. Deep inside, I'm fine, I know I'm nearly there and it's all going to work out. But closer to the surface, I'm fighting panic, and I'm fighting it hard. Stress is NOT a competitor's friend. I've got to stay calm and centered, keep my cortisol levels down. I have to put away my inner ninja and go zen on this week. I can do this. I am not alone. I will NOT get sick. I am nearly there. Zen. Zen. Zen.


  1. Soooooo close!!! I'm sorry that things are off and a little downhill.
    I'm sending good vibes your way so that everything goes off without a hitch & so that you DO NOT get sick!


  2. Why does this Montanna person keep posting this crap? It's really getting aggravating.

    Anyway, it's not peak weak unless you are crying! So totally normal. Yes, you are almost there and this week is definitely the most trying, emotionally and phsyically. Take it day by day, relax, and definitely cry if and when you need to! So exciting!!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I keep deleting their junk. Lol.
    Definitely tears this week, the majority of the time I don't even know why! ROFL! It's crazy!

  4. I am so excited for you!!!