Friday, August 26, 2011

A Post From Tabitha... "A Spark Of..."

Hey There Everyone!
It’s me your friendly neighborhood trainer and friend.   I.    I asked Chelle that if I submitted an entry for the blog if she would post it.  She said YES :D!!!!!!  (mostly because I threatened to make her do pushups if she didn’t, but that is beside the point).  Now I know that you all have not heard from me in a while, but it has been for good reason of which I know you are well aware since you are dedicated followers of Chelle’s blog.   It is important to me when I am presented with a goal like the one Chelle came up with to attack it with 120% dedication and focus.  It is what I EXPECT as a trainer from both myself and clients.  I assure you that very soon you will all be hearing from me very regularly again very soon.   As Chelle and I approach the finish line of the show I want to tell you all a little story. Those who just started following Chelle’s story you may not be familiar with how it started and for those of you who have been with her for a long time now it will be a great reminder.  WARNING:  The surgeon general recommends proceeding with this blog entry with a box of Kleenex close by just in case ;)

I met a girl on January 7th, 2007 at my gym.  She was a new member that was offered a free introductory personal training session.  As the words “Would any available Personal Trainer please report the offices?” blared across the loud speakers throughout the facility I walked into the office to meet her and her husband.   I am sure that I saw her cower back into her chair, but what she doesn’t know is that I also saw a tiny little spark;  A spark of hope?? a spark of desire?? a spark of motivation??  I wasn’t sure which at the time, but I knew it was definitely there.   As I got to know her in our first session, I thought to myself…..”Yep, definitely a ‘spark’….and YES!!!!!! It is all three!  Now all I need to do is cultivate that “spark” so I can this girl to her goals!”…and hence the journey and adventure began.

Along the way the “spark” and I worked out, puked, lifted weights, turned bad eating habits (I STILL DON’T QUITE KNOW WHAT THE HECK TEX MEX IS) into good ones, boxed standing up, blew out knees, boxed sitting down, cried (A LOT), laughed, and shopped our way all the way to 123 lbs in two years.  During that time the “spark” grew into a “flame”.  That “flame” flickered and twinkled as it began to spark new flames by reaching out to others through words, recipes, and witty insights about her journey in her blogs and stories. 

Then 21 weeks ago the “flame” came to me with a new goal.  This “flame” wanted to start a new journey towards her first figure competition, to which I responded over, and over “Do you know what you are getting into? Are you sure? Are you sure? It’s all or nothing…..We don’t do these things half way”   I also made sure that she knew my rule…..I would not put her on stage if I felt that she was not ready (not negotiable)!!!!!  Ha!!! No pressure!  After many talks about the realities of what she wanted we were set to charge into our next project and took the first step towards her next goal.  With no breathing room for error, misguided focus, or lack of motivation (because I do not allow for it during competition prep) we attacked it from every angle.  Everything was carefully calculated……workouts, cardio, food, nutrition, clothes, pictures, measurements…..EVERYTHING! 

Not a stone was left unturned the flame began to destroy everything in her path to get to her goal.  As she progressed forward she began to shine brighter as she continued to gain strength, poise, and confidence.  All of the other little flames that she ignited, that’s all of you ;) , got behind her, supported her, and rooted her on.  I need to send out a personal Thank You to you all for that by the way because that is a HUUUUUGGGGEEEE part of what kept her going, growing, smiling for the past few months.  The flame just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger with each passing week.   Now after 21 weeks of hours and hours of prep, blood, sweat, tears (yes…. still lots of tears), and no carbs, the “flame” has now become a huge unstoppable fire.   On the eve of the final goal of “Getting on that stage”(….did I mention almost naked???), I am here to say with confidence and pride….

Go out there and burn bright like the fire you have become!  Take everything that you have learned, everything that you have accomplished, all the friends that you have made, and everything that you have become with you on stage and show it to the WORLD!  Say goodbye to the almost 200 lb girl that I met cowering in the office at Bally’s on January 7th, 2007, because she doesn’t exist anymore.  Burn that place down because that is who you are now!  You have seen it, I have seen it, and now everyone else is going to see it!  If you do that you will be unstoppable and there is no way you will lose.  If you do that, you have already won!    I am so proud of you and everything you have done.  You are a fierce competitor, a trainer’s dream, and the best friend I could ever ask for.  You are a CHAMPION in every sense of the word.  Go out there and let everyone know!



  1. GO CHELLE! Fab post, Tabitha! Thanks for sharing her journey from a different perspective. Can't wait to hear how our girl rocks it!

  2. Wow great post Tabitha, Good luck Chelle am sure your going to be amazing.

  3. Tab, what a nice post! Its so inspiring to see how your and Chelle's relationship has progressed from client/trainer to true friends. I often read that having a good support system really helps to reach one's goals and I must say, I have the most supportive husband ever but, I don't have friends. I've never really had friends and sometimes, it feels a bit lonely. It helps to find blogs such as Chelle's to keep the inspiration and motivation going. For a long time now I have not stuck with a plan but last week I started Jamie Eason's Livefit plan and I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to the results. I'm trying to stay positive which is the hardest thing for me...I can be so positive about someone else but so negative about myself.

    Anyway, this post has become something else. Kudos to you two ladies!! Look forward to reading more from you = )

    ~ L.