Monday, August 1, 2011

Progress Photos Are Up...

Today was the day... The measurement of my progress. Photos, measurements, weigh in. Even though I can see change, even though I'm getting on a stage in much less than the suit I'm wearing in these pics, it's still hard, every time, to post the pictures. Sigh.

There's lots of work to be done. As Tab pointed out, when I pose, my abs disappear. Hmmm. No bueno. And of course, my posing needs a LOT of work, lol. I'm still worried about the scarred & loose skin in my belly area, but I'm not obsessing over it.

So... progress, I am down in weight and all my measurements. Everything. Subsequently, my diet will not change. I'm still at 1300 calories on normal days, 1900 on my carb-meal days. This week I will be doing 2 spin classes, 2 HIIT sessions, and 5 steady-state cardio session, along with my lifting. This means 3 days of doubles - cardio in the a.m. and p.m., along with my weights.

If you want to see the pics, click on the Progress Photos tab above.

Happy Monday!


  1. First, i think you look GREAT! Second, try making a before and now- put your starting picture next to your current and you will see results! You may not feel them or think there's much but when you compare you can really tell! Third, there's not much you can do about loose skin (I know, three kids, I have the same tummy issues!) but the more you tighten up these next few weeks, the less noticable it will be. The ridiculous tan helps a ton too. You're doing great, keep up the hard work, I promise you it will pay off on show day!!

  2. Holy crap-o-la! You are looking even more amazing than I could have guessed from the last set I saw!!

  3. You look fantastic Chelle!

  4. Oh! I wish you could actually hear me right now! I was looking at your pics & actually gasping! You still have 4 weeks and you already look like that! Add to that your million watt smile and you've got it made! I don't even know you and I am sooo proud of you! I've been checking the blog all day (I'm in Michigan) waiting for your pics to show up. Ha ha! I was actually nervous. Congrats, Chelle! You've already done it! I'll be praying for you as you endure this last month of prep! Again-- SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :)

  5. Chelle, the pictures really show your hard work, you should be proud of yourself, you look fantastic! Very inspiring!

  6. Wow! Isn't is amazing how much change can occur in ONE month (only 31 days!) You look Awesome!! Keep pushing, the hard work is paying off!!