Monday, August 1, 2011

The Protein Pudding Taste-Off...

File under, "Reasons my family is conveniently not around when I am testing products..."
Chelle StaffordI had collected quite a few protein powder samples from Whole Foods on my last several trips in, and wanted to pit them against my Beverly UMP. On Friday night, I prepared them all the same way, labeled and stuck them in the fridge overnight. You can see by my picture there, that I was pretty excited about this little experiment as I drove back home from the store.

I had two batches... Vanilla and Chocolate.

Not having warned anyone, I caught Bill and Joey at home for the testing.  We tested: Jay Robb Egg White, Jay Robb Whey, Proventive Harmonized Protein, MRM, Tara's Whey, BioChem, CrytoSport and compared them all against my Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein. [I should mention that I simply tasted the liquid on the spoon, no swallowing. Still have not, and will not, cheat on my diet.]

The results... nothing compared in creaminess & thickness to the Beverly. Nowhere near. None of them set. (I later tested by increasing protein powder & reducing liquid and got better results, but that didn't change the taste).   #1 in flavor was Beverly. #2 (defined as "tolerable") was Jay Robb Whey. The rest... the Jay Robb Egg was salty; MRM was very bland with a chemi-after-taste; Tara's Whey chocolate was very chocolaty but super watery and also had a bit of an aftertaste. 

But there was one... one which stood out from all the rest.

And not in a good way.

This one resulted in the following photos...
Not so happy anymore!
Yeah, it was memorable. Joey is still mad at me. Lol. Though, I did redeem myself by having him taste the other recipes I developed this weekend - which he enjoyed :-)

I still have lots of brands to test, but the first lesson I learned was that if it smells funky, don't bother mixing it up. Next lesson was that since so many brands don't thicken like Beverly, water/liquid to protein powder ratios in my recipes need to be adjusted. I'll be updating that as we go along. For the puddings though, add liquid to your protein powder until you get a slightly liquidy paste, then chill to allow it to set. Like coconut flour, Beverly protein powder really sucks up the liquid, and yours might not. So instead of going straight by my liquid amounts in the recipes, go by your protein powder... mix in the liquid a little at a time until you hit the right consistency.

Other pics from the weekend...  Here's my carb-load meal cookies from Thursday night :-)
Chelle's carb load meal cookies Chelle's carb load meal - cookies!
Nakki chillin' in the backyard with us on Sunday, hoping for a handout. Sorry, pup. I don't share my food anymore.
Anunnaki - Our boxer, Nakki
The Cheer team and their trophy from Cheer Camp! Go Girls!!
Desert Mountain SpiritLine Cheer 2011

Chelle's Egg & Chicken muffins - Figure Competition Diet
Which brings me to today... here's breakfast - 3 modified egg muffins. I spaced my half-grapefruit this morning, so I will add that to my lunch. Food for the day is normal:

M1: chicken breast, 3 egg whites.
M2: Protein powder pudding w/ 1 tsp almond butter
M3: chicken breast, salad (lettuce, spinach, peppers, grape tomatoes) & Newman's Own Organic Oil & Vinegar & half a grapefruit.
M4: Protein powder pudding.
M5: Baked Swai, steamed asparagus.
M6.... CARB MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Woot-Woot!! Yes, I am doing the funky happy dance. You would too.

I've got a fun new recipe for tomorrow on the Champion Nutrition USA Facebook page. That'll go up in the morning :-) I am assured it's amazing, lol. It's hard to develop recipes when you can't actually eat them yourself.


  1. I know you're super busy, but when you get into after contest mode, could you tell me the kind of coconut flour you use? Do you order it online? I have searched all the groceries in my area and cannot find any anywhere =(


  2. No problem! I was using Bob's Red Mill until I realized that for a dollar more I could get twice the flour! I switched over to Azukar, and haven't noticed a difference between the brands, so I'll stick with this one :-) Amazon carries it, but I get mine at Whole Foods. My regular grocery store does carry coconut flour but they scalp ya with the prices. Who'd a thunk Whole Foods would be cheaper, lol!

  3. Yay for carb up meals!
    they used to make me feel fabulous but kind of crappy the next day.

    I just bought Beverly powder...the cookies and cream kind. what are your thoughts?

  4. I haven't tried the Cookies & Cream yet, but I hear great things about it. I've been strictly chocolate & vanilla, lol. I think I'm afraid the cookies'n'cream flavor might make me want Oreos, ROFL! :-) Let me know what you think of it!!

  5. I LOVE your hair! I had about the same length you used to and just chopped all mine off too, just like yours. BUT wow, you pull it off beautifull, I love it! Hmmm, maybe I need to change my color.... =)

  6. Hi Chelle.tried the Beverly protein and love it. Was using max muscle max pro.Beverly def tastes better,but I think( not sure) the max pro is cleaner. How big of a deal is that? Just want to get great results. Thanks so much and congrats, you are looking amazing :)

  7. How "clean" you go is entirely up to you. Yes, there are artificial sweeteners in Beverly, but the list of pro's is far more important to me. But, that's my own personal choice :-) I've been using Beverly for almost 5 years, and it's taken me through my weight loss, maintenance and now my comp training. :-)

  8. thanks so much Chelle. That's what I thought, but wanted to hear your thoughts. OBVIOUSLY, you have done great with it. think i will order chocolate and cookies and cream made protein ice cream with van. last night and it was sooooo much better with Beverly. love following your progress. true inspiration!

  9. Have you ever tried Musclepharm's Protein. Its all my husband and I use and it tastes amazing. We just added two scoops of cookies and cream to cookies and cream pudding and we couldn't stop eating it!! Also Gaspari and Optimum Nutrition are good.