Monday, August 1, 2011

Sneaky Sodium...

Ya'll know that sodium is a particularly inflammatory subject with me. Lol. I get furious when I see how much sodium restaurants and food manufacturers are dumping in food then calling "healthy". Well, this morning, the Eat This Not That folks (Rodale publishing), did the 30 saltiest foods in America. Just out of curiosity, I went through the slide show, and imagine my NOT surprise when I came across this...

Can you read that? In a Weight Watcher's entree, there is 4,990 mg of sodium. One serving. This is their healthy entree. Riiiiiight. Real healthy, Applebee's. Did you see the sodium equivalency? 2+ Family size bags of Ruffles! 

You can check out all 30 salty dishes here - who knows what you'll find on the list... :-)


  1. Wow!!!! Who would have guessed that?!!! Thank you for sharing Chelle!!!

  2. Thank you, this is great to know. While you've been in training have you gone out to any dinners, functions, etc? this is the part I find the hardest as my hubby and I are invited to a lot of work functions and we do like to hang out with our friends on weekends. I feel I should become a non-sociable hermit for 12 weeks!

  3. While I might WANT to become a hermit, lol, I haven't been allowed to. If it's a get together at friends', I bring my own food. They tease, but are very supportive. Most friday nights are "date-night" around here and we head to our favorite mexican restaurant. My hubby can (haha, and does) get whatever he wants, and I order the beef filet with no salt/oils/butters/etc, steamed veggies with no oils/salt/butter/etc, and a field green salad with vinegar &/or lemons to squeeze over it. It's basic, but it's food that's clean and I don't have to prepare myself. The last couple weeks though, I've been too tired to go out, so we grab a couple steaks at the store and Bill grills them up at home. You absolutely can eat "out", you just have to be firm in what you want, and don't be afraid to send it back if it's not correct.