Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Saturday!

It was a great day, and though I'm way behind on what needed to get done, I'm ok with it.

I started off with coffee then cardio, followed by breakfast, then getting my cooler packed and everything ready to go for the posing clinic. I headed to Tempe where I got off the freeway, made the turn onto McClintock and promptly got lost. Drive for miles lost. Oy. Typical.  I eventually found the studio, parked, gathered all my stuff and headed in.

My fellow competitors were a mix of seasoned and fresh, a couple were migrants from the NPC (not-tested arena) wanting a more "fair" playing field (OCB is natural). I can tell you I'm really glad a couple of those girls were very tall and/or that I'm really short, as we'll be competing in separate classes, lol. The gals were all friendly and it was a fun time. I learned a lot, including reinforcing a truth I already knew... I have THE BOMB of a coach! :-) My posing was spot on, and I represented her well. I left feeling confident, excited and ready to rock. Not my normal reaction to a situation like that... normally I'd be in tears, weeping & wailing the whole way home about how inadequate I felt. Not this time! Woohoo! Yay for growth! :-)

I celebrated with a quick sale at Bath & Body Works - new fall candles! 3 for $5... couldn't resist. I can train like a demon, stick to the diet like glue for months and months, but I cannot, CANNOT walk out of Bath & Body Works empty handed. Sigh.  Oh well, yummy scents :-)

Grocery shopping was next, then unloading, some food prep, and more food prep then Cardio 2. Bill was an amazing husband today and not only removed the cooked chicken from the crockpots for me, he also weighed it and placed 5oz portions in baggies for me! Yeah, he got a gold star! :-)  After dinner and pre-meal 6 I was starving. Famished. And the glass of red wine Bill was drinking really bothered me. Normally it's not an issue, and it's not that I was tempted to veer off course, it was just that it sort of grabbed hold of my mind. So I grabbed a bowl of my tea-jello and gulped it down. Now I'm ready for Meal 6 and feel more normal, lol. I'm looking forward to enjoying a glass of red wine after all of this, but it's certainly not worth risking my progress, or my focus.

I'm exhausted and ready to eat then crash. Think I'll light one of my celebratory candles while I enjoy my egg whites & veggies :-)

Happy Saturday!! (And it's especially happy for me because it means tomorrow is Sunday and Tab comes home!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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