Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update & Song for the Day...

It's day 10 without a rest day. Day 6 of in a row doubles & triples (double cardio, triples are days I also lift). My calories are low. My carbs are 1 meal on Monday night and 1 more on Thursday night. And...


Sure, I'm sore. My knees hurt. My muscles ache. I'm exhausted. I'm HUNGRY. But I feel absolutely fantastic. I'm laughing again, I'm not snapping at my family (as much, lol). I'm getting done what's necessary, and letting what's unnecessary go undone (most of the time). Life is always complicated, and competition prep only makes it more so, but I'm done with the terror of not doing everything I can. I AM doing everything I can. Nothing that I know of is being left on the table. I have a lot of balls in the air, apart from competition, and a lot to get done in a short time, but it will happen. Or it won't.

Last night after work, I went straight to the gym for my evening cardio. Sans-shirt, I got it done. Yes, my heart rate was a little elevated, ha ha, but I didn't worry about what anyone else was thinking. I just didn't care. Afterwards, I hit Whole Foods because I was out of Coconut Flour & Maple Syrup (lol, not for me though). Mostly, because it's HATCH CHILE SEASON!!!!!!!!!! WF roasts then packages & sells the chilies (they sell them raw, too), and I LOVE them! Unfortunately, they're behind schedule & low on staff and so the chilies weren't ready. Dagnabbit. The very nice produce gentlemen told me to call today and find out what time they'd be ready. I am so all over that!

Back home, it was baking time. I made another batch of yesterday's post-workout bomb/cookies and they turned out terrific - I omitted the baking powder, so they didn't puff up as much. I also made a batch of Banana-Doodles. Both recipes were for Tab who's flying to L.A. today for the IDEA Conference (I sooooo wish I was going with her!).

As you can see here, Multitasking is the word of the day :-) Shiloh walked in on me closing the oven door and going into a pivot and pose, haha, she was not sure what to think, say, do... it was the first time I've seen her truly speechless, LOL!!

I was prepping food for today, baking cookies/bombs & banana-doodles, eating dinner, and posing all at once. I had a lot of fun with it, and Bethany threw on my spare shoes and joined in... yes, my little girl is taller than me. Significantly. I'm the shorty around our house. Well, me and Shiloh :-)

I had a great workout this morning. We did back & abs with posing practice. One of the exercises was really funny... We actually had to weigh me down to keep me on the bench! Getting into position so Tab could put the weight on me was like trying to hold yourself down at the bottom of the pool - your body keeps trying to float to the top. It was hysterical! If you look at the picture, you can see I have handles in my hands - the object is to pull those down (to where I have them), hold & squeeze the back muscles, then slowly raise the arms back up, then pull down again. As soon as she pulled the weight off me, my whole body started "floating" up with the weights. LOL!

As we worked, interspersing posing & abs, we got to one of the last sets and Tab approved my posing, then said, "Good. You can keep tomorrow's carb meal."  ROFLMAO!!! I thought I was gonna pee my pants I was laughing so hard. I put up my hands like paws and panted in happiness, and we joked about me earning my carbs. :-D

After the workout, I headed over to the gym (we lift at Personal Training 101 - Thanks John!! then I do my cardio at Mountainside Fitness), and did my morning cardio. All the stair-masters were full (rats!) so I used the elliptical.

Throughout the rest of my crazy morning, I was deciding on my song for the day. I was going to go with something soft & inspirational... Jennifer Lopez's "Brave", or Hayden Panettiere's "I Fly". Then I realized, I don't feel soft. I feel tough. I feel like a warrior. And I thought about something I wrote here the other day, about not really competing, but growing. Screw that. I've grown enough that I'm embracing the competition. I'm competing, people! I'm a competitor!

So I give you today's song for the day... :-)

LL Cool J - "IT'S TIME FOR WAR"  Listen on YouTube


  1. Ladies do Love Cool J : P

    going to listent ot he song for sure! I love the new found energy and spirit

  2. You are to the point where every pic we see looks better than the last! How exciting! Keep it up! :)

  3. What Carlene said is true, you look amazing :)

  4. Great post! Happy to see your energy is up and everything is falling into place. You look great sans shirt!!! You are getting sooooo close to stage time!!! How exiting!

  5. I can feel your ENERGY!!! I can feel your excitement!!! You work it Girl!!..Oh Chelle I tried to make your new recipe(cookies or bombs) and they didn't turn out right!! I don't know what I did wrong, but I used applesauce instead of a banana...arggggg. Well will try them again with the banana...Oh I also ordered new protein powder from Beverly products!! Woo Hoo.. Have a great day!! Kaii528

  6. Yay Chelle! Love the joy, and what everyone else is saying. You look great, the energy is fantastic. Funneled some some and made your awesome breakfast burritos last night! making the bombs when I get back from vacation.


  7. Kaii528 - Thanks :-D
    How much applesauce did you use? Maybe too much? Not enough?

  8. Wendy - OOOOH, I miss breakfast burritos!! Maybe I'll make a batch for Mexico... if I have time!
    :-) My To-Do list for pre-show/pre-mexico is growing awfully fast! LOL!