Saturday, August 20, 2011

A very long day

Oy. It's 10:30pm. My day isn't quite over yet.
I started with coffee & then cardio, moved on to finalizing the grocery list and to-do lists, then was out the door. Hair appointment & face waxing ended up taking 2 hours longer than I'd planned on which threw me off sync. I then ran around town gathering up stuff for the show... jewelry, makeup, etc., eating in the car, grocery shopping, eating in the car, more grocery shopping, dash home to change into my gym clothes while Bill unloaded the car, then I was gone again. 60 minutes of cardio, then back home to inhale dinner and prep food for tomorrow. Finally taking a moment to relax, and then I've got my last meal - egg whites & veggies. Then it's bedtime. I can't wait. I think I'll make a cup of tea, but I'm still trying to finish off my gallon... if I can polish that off, I'll have some tea with my last food.

Tomorrow will be more insanity. Abs and Cardio in the morning, food prep, a ton of computer work, 2 recipes to test, then off to Sephora with Tab for the final makeup stuff for the show. After that, it's posing, then back home for the rest of my food prep, laundry, and so on. Oh, and a 2nd cardio.

I'm on half days Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday I may or may not take off full day, then thurs & fri I'm off. It sounds like I have a lot of free time, but every moment is accounted for. I'm trying to not get stressed about all I have to do, gotta keep focused on the "fun". I'm working on it. :-)

I'm officially into Peak Week. This is it! Nearly there!  :-D


  1. Hi Chelle!

    You have made it to peak week. I'm so proud and thank you for taking us a long. You have persevered, traversed and prevailed!!!

  2. YAY for Peak week! its the best and worst time... : )
    cant wait to see your pictures!

  3. Oh my goodness, how exciting!! Can't wait to hear how the week goes for you.

  4. Peak Week! I am soooooo proud of you! This week is going to fly by. You must be running on endorphin fumes!!!