Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

The weekend was busy, and not long enough :-)

Saturday, Bill helped me do the grocery shopping that was left (I LOVE my husband!!!), and I got to wear my new Oscar the Grouch shirt that Tab "cut" for me. Cool, right? :-)

After that it was food prep time...  I did my 2 crockpots of chicken breasts, my Swai filets, chopped veggies, sliced citrus (lemon, lime & grapefruit for my water bottle), egg muffins for breakfast, slice more grapefruits in halves, portion everything (5 oz chicken, 6 oz swai, 3 muffins per bag, 2 cups asparagus per steamer bag, etc), and make my salad bags (2 cups salad mix per ziploc). Then everything goes into trays in the fridge. Next up was recipe development, it's really, really tough to not be able to taste stuff myself.


After food prep was done, I decided to hang up my big calendar. I stepped up to the wall, nails & hammer in hand. I eyeballed it, leveled it, nailed, hung and...
No, the picture is not crooked. I hung it that cockeyed and thought it was straight. Seriously! Yikes. Proof I was more than ready for bed... so I showered and hit the sheets, and Bill snapped this one... I think Nakki was as worn out as me.

Weekend over, today is the first day of school for Bethany! Wooohoo! They had an assembly this morning and the Cheer squad performed. I can't wait to hear about it! Shiloh is getting her fingerprinting done today - did I mention she got hired on at my gym? She'll be working in the Childcare department. So happy for her!

And it's time for me to sign off because I just rolled my chair into my desk hitting my ribs on the side of the desk and because my abs were already so unbelievably sore I think I'm going to just roll onto the floor in fetal position now.



  1. OMG!! The husband picks up a tee just like that everytime we see one!!! Now, I regret not getting it. Though I don't know if I could cut it like that.... and I want cookie monster!

    Keep rocking it!!

    P.S. If I have not told you, I ADORE your short hair cut!!


  2. ROFL! Tab got the Cookie Monster one, I haven't seen it cut yet, though! :-)
    Thanks :-D

  3. I love how she cut that shirt! I must know how she did that :)

  4. I LOVE the shirt!! However I have also been wanting to bye the cookie monster and sport it to the gym :0).

    Chelle, YES, you are a champion!!! Don't ever stop telling yourself that and the bitter person that posted about not understanding competing is just bitter because they don't have the discipline, guts and heart to compete. Don't let peoples comments get you down.

    Oh and I was super excited today because I found coconut flour. YAY!! Can't wait to make your cookies. Also I was wondering if you posted your recipe for scones and I missed it?

    Ok I will let you go busy lady. Keep rockin (sports bra and all).


  5. I imagine between life and contest prep, its hard to squeeze in blogging too. But please keep it up. Your funny, real (this weight is temporary, no carb sucks, etc. ) stories are great motivation and encouragement.
    Looking forward to watching you cross that stage! Keep it up!!

  6. You know what your hair in the picture of you sleeping reminds me of? Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight. And you kick just about as much ass (maybe a little more!) as she does in that movie, so it seems appropriate.

  7. Geena Davis - in my favorite movie! This, Jamie, is why you're the very best brother in the world! I'll take it! I'll take it and I'll kick ass with it!! :-) Thank you!!