Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! Just a short distance until goal! I had my last workout this morning - Back & Biceps. After, I headed to the gym for cardio. Just 30 minutes this morning. Every part of me is sore - if not from the workouts and cardio, then from posing.  Now I'm back home, inhaling breakfast and making my lists and checking them a gazillion times. :-)  I have ZERO workouts left. I have THREE cardio sessions left. I can't even remember how many weeks I've gone now without a rest day, but I do know that 26 weeks of preparation come down to this right here. WOOOHOOO!

The bloat finally started to fade, I'm drinking 1.25 gallons of water every day, I'm eating all my food, taking all my vitamins & supplements. I am nervous about the posing. I don't know that nervous is the right word. It's the part that's the most out-there for me. Ha, well, the tiny little suit, too. I know I can do it, am doing it. Tab's a fantastic coach, and whatever happens when I hit the stage, she's prepared me and I'm ready to go. I know I've done, and Tab's done, everything in our power to reach goal. The rest is out of our hands. I'm going to enjoy these last few days, and look forward to those moments on stage when everything I've done, not done, eaten, not eaten over the last 26 weeks shine under the big bright lights.

And I'm going to smile :-D

All right... I'm off to get work done, errands done, etc, etc...  Wooohooo!!!!!


  1. We're smiling with you! And crossing our fingers and praying and whatever else it may be that we fanatical fitness peeps do when one of us is on the line. We are soooo excited for you, Chelle. This is getting too smarmy so I'll quit. Hang in there! Can you believe it? You've gone from working your a** off to just doing cardio and running errands to be ready for competition! You did it! You're there! :) :) :) :) :)

  2. Sooo excited for you!!! Get it girl!

  3. You have already won in my book! Now is time to just be proud and enjoy the moment on stage, you will be awesome!
    Go out there and strut your stuff!

  4. Congrats girl! You are going to kill it up there. That smile is infectious!! :)Traweaver

  5. Woohoo indeed. Go Chelle, go!!!

  6. Chelle,

    I'm so excited for you to walk across that've earned every step/strut! Enjoy the moment and your vaca...and we'll all be waiting patiently(NOT) for you to post the pics. You amazed me every step of the way and prove if you have the mind to do something, anything can be accomplished! All good thoughts your way!


  7. Babe, you did the hard part, getting ready!!! You're going to rock. enjoy this. This is the celebration after all your hard work. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how fantastic it all was! Love ya, Chelle!!

  8. so so proud of you! what an acheivement... doesn't matter what the judges say or how that one day goes, the last 26 weeks are what you need to be most proud of!! you are an amazing example of determination and courage!
    so so proud of you!

  9. Congratulations! I am so proud of you and excited for you. What an amazing accomplishment. I feel so lucky to be able to follow your journey and cheer you on. You are going to shine on stage!