Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

My friday started with cardio... and my first stair-monster session in 4 weeks! Woohoo! August 18th was when I blew up my knee again, and from that point on it's been treadmill only for me. This week, my knee has hurt, but with the weather being funky (is it 109 degrees or is it rainy and chilly? Let's have both within about an hour), I realized I'm probably feeling the arthritis, not injury pain. Duh. I decided I'd do 20 minutes on the stairs, if it felt ok.

Ok, first let me address that yes, this was my 4th cardio session, when I said I'd only do 3, but dagnabbit, I wanted to! Lol. Second... again, I cannot be trusted. 20 minutes and I felt great, so I did 10 more. Evidently I just don't know how to SLOW down. But, considering I was doing 14 cardio sessions per week just a couple weeks ago, dropping to 4 is serious progress. I'll take it. Anyway, the knee is achy, and popping a little funky, but that's the same as it's been this whole week. I'm gonna say arthritis until something proves me wrong. Haha. I did do extra stretching afterwards, and I also foam-roller'd it. I'll probably roll again this evening, we'll see how it feels.

Ok, I've been working on this post for two hours, lol. I keep getting distracted by Twitter's #Olympia updates... and my work, of course. ROFL! All the prejudging is happening and I keep getting sucked back into following the updates. Time to Focus!

Here's my food today:

Breakfast: oatmeal with protein powder, NuttZo, and a small grapefruit
Snack 1: 1 cup plain fat free Chobani greek yogurt with NuttZo, homemade granola and banana. Yes, that is indeed an unusual amount of carb for me, lol. But tasty!
Lunch: Chicken Loaf (cooked as mini muffins), steamed cauliflower, and half a cup of brown rice mix.
Snack 2: Chicken Loaf (cooked as mini muffins) and an apple.

All right... gotta get back to work. I've got a website to build and a brochure to finish.  :-)

Happy Friday!! OH!! Don't forget to check out the NuttZo discount info! It's only for TODAY!!!  

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  1. You are too funny! You must have a lot of energy to have finished up your post! It's very inspiring to see you stay on the clean eating wagon! Thanks for that because it helps me stay on track. Have a wonderful weekend Chelle!