Sunday, September 11, 2011

Git it Girl at Musclemania!

I had the privilege of meeting Chelsea last night. Many of you know her as Git it Girl from her blog  She competed in the Bikini division at MuscleMania in Phoenix and took home hardware! Big shiny hardware! She looked fantastic! Lean, beautiful, and her natural grace was obvious onstage. Her hard work and dedication was obvious as she took her place and made her turns. She had so much to overcome in her journey to the stage and I'm so proud of what she's accomplished! Way to Go, Chelsea!!

When we got to the event, I was super curious to how it was all going to run, as there was no prejudging, just an evening show. This was the event I was originally going to compete in with my daughter, but when I decided to do Figure instead of Fitness Model, I moved over to OCB as it was a better fit for me. You'll remember my daughter pulled out of the competition after a budding eating disorder surfaced during prep. She's still considering whether to move forward in Spring. Anyway, I was planning to attend the show to cheer on Chelsea, and Bill and I had a great time.  I think at one point, Chelsea's husband, who was sitting in front of us, thought I was some kind of weirdo stalker, screaming for her everytime she hit the stage, lol!

Afterwards, I introduced myself to him (so he wouldn't call the cops on me, haha) and I got to meet Chelsea and congratulate her on her win. First let me say that I'm really short. Second let me say that she is really tall. LOL!! And absolutely gorgeous! I was so pleased to meet my fellow blogger in real life! I know she'll have lots of pics to post on her blog, but here's a few we took to show how amazing she looked!

Her very clever costume, An Arizona Snowbird! Chelsea is on the far right.

Chelsea, bathing suit round, far right, green bikini

Gorgeous! And did I mention, TALL!?  :-)

Hardware for Mama!
Way to Go, Chelsea! Well Done!!!


  1. It was so great to see you last night Chelle! You have been an inspiration to me and have gotten me through some of my tough days when prep got hard. I was so happy to see you and thank you for the chocolate! YUM! I could also hear you cheering for me....awe! That felt SO cool! Thank you so much!!!!!
    You are the bombdiggity! Thank you for your support!!