Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday food and weekend recap

The weekend was busy - it began friday with some much appreciated R&R... got to let down my proverbial hair and just relax and have fun. Bill and I enjoyed the time alone as all the kids were at various events. I think it was the first time in weeks we both got to just truly chill (without any of the trauma & chaos hanging over us). Saturday, Bill golfed and I helped Tab and her hubby a bit with their move, then Saturday evening was Homecoming for Bethany.

Yes, I am the short one in the house. :-)

With Homecoming excitement behind us, Sunday was my food prep day. I planned out the menu, the grocery list, then hit the stores. Once back home, I realized I'd forgotten Vanilla, so I ran back down to Fresh & Easy on the corner... however, muscle-memory caused me to drive to the gym instead, lol... I was looking for a parking space before I realized what I'd done!

Here's what was prepped...
Grilled chicken breasts, chicken mini muffins (chicken mini loaves recipe), grilled london broil. Steamer bags with: zucchini & red & yellow peppers; snow peas & grape tomatoes. I also have sweet potatoes and red & white potatoes. Oatmeal baggies with protein powder & cinnamon, NuttZo in containers, and pumpkin mixed with pumpkin pie spice in containers. Greek yogurt. Taco meat. Granola. Because I wasn't feeling well, I cheated on the taco meat, and got a rotisserie chicken & shredded the breasts - didn't feel like dealing with the crockpot.

Once everything was portioned out and put away, it was time to toss dinner in the oven - crustless quiche - it was awesome and really hit the spot. Later I made some protein ice cream and the cold helped my throat.

This morning I studied until my eyes threatened to bugg out, lol, then got my cooler together...
Breakfast: Oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon, NuttZo, pumpkin & pumpkin pie spice with half a grapefruit.
Snack 1: 6 oz Chobani yogurt & a pear
Lunch: leftover quiche with black beans and steamed snow peas/grape tomatoes with a bit of coconut oil (half tsp)
Snack 2: chicken muffins, string cheese and an apple.
(not pictured) Dinner: probably leftover quiche again, lol, with steamed zucchini.
(not pictured) Snack 3: protein ice cream :-)

Prior to dinner and snack 3, I'm at about 1200 calories. After work, provided I don't get sicker today, I have Tab's Total Body Conditioning class, then it'll be home for food. At the moment, I'm ready for a nap, lol! But, no luck - back to work I go!

Lunch update...


  1. I love that you needed to go get more food and instead absently drove right to the gym. I smell some sort of Pavlovian weight-loss plan in the making :)

  2. Right???! LOL!!! I was cracking up! Bill just shook his head and laughed at me. Now if I could just bottle that... Hahahaha!

  3. Hi Chelle. LOL on driving directly to them gym! I have done the same thing on several occasions. Oh well at least it's not driving to a fast food place or something not so healthy :0).

    I have a question on the mini chicken loaves. When you make them as muffins do you make the full 12 or more? I notices that as one of your snack options you have two of them which seems like alot? Not sure?

    Hope you feel better soon!


  4. Hi Luvena! the muffins are smaller, almost half the size of the loaves, so two is about the same as a single loaf. Sometimes I'll eat all of both muffins, sometimes I just manage 1 1/2... depends on how hungry I am :-)

  5. Hi Chelle,
    Hope you're feeling better. Whatcha studying for???