Thursday, September 1, 2011

More pics - post show

This is the next morning. Can you tell I'm still teary-eyed? I just can't believe it!!!

 And then it was time to drive.... MEXICO!!!!!!

 And a few non-competition diet treats for the trip...
 Orange slices - I have no idea why I wanted these, haven't had one since I was a kid, but man-oh-man I had a killer craving for them after the show! Crazy!

We made it!!!! Having fun, chillin at the pool bar!

 Bill and I drove into port to snap some pics (post on that coming soon) and stopped for some tacos :-)

 And maybe a single scoop of butter pecan ice cream! Woot!

Awesome trip!!


  1. Chelle, congratulations on your accomplishment! Looking at your pictures and the joy in your face made me tear up! You are such an inspiration. I wish you and your family all the best! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I can't wait to see what the future holds! Best, Ali

  2. ~two thumbs up~
    for fun & such an awesome accomplishment!!

  3. I love that 1st photo with the hardware and the before photos...that should be in Oxygen! You look amazing...even better without the spray tan! The trip looks amazing and so deserved.
    How will you ever pick from all the pro photos, you look fantastic!
    I was surprised to see the winner was the woman that kept posing with her bum stuck out...but what do I know!
    I know that you looked fantastic, yeah for Chelle!!!!!

  4. your transformation is just amazing Chelle. what you have achieved with your body is nothing short of fantastic and mind boggling! I applaud you for your committment and passion to keep pushing yourself to try new things. enjoy your holiday and know that you have inspired me so much and many others i am certain!

  5. i love that first pic of you holding your "before" pics!!!!!
    agreeing with the common theme of
    "Chelle is super awesome and such and inspiration!"
    enjoy your vacation,and a few more treats! you deserve it!

  6. You look super teeny tiny in your black top and pants! Those orange slice candies look so,so goood! I laughed because it's funny what ends up tasting so good and what you want to eat! I am glad you had a blast on your vacation. Look at your smile in each picture. You are just beaming! What a way to end your competition!!!

  7. How fun! Love all the pics! I agree with "Git It Girl", you are beaming! I am just so happy for you for what you have accomplished!