Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Olympia Begins! And today's food...

All the fun festivities are begun over in Vegas.. .sure wish I was there! The 2011 Olympia looks to be an AWESOME event! Chelle's additional goal for 2012... attend the Olympia! LOL! had this awesome graphic, I cracked up when I saw it...

If you're interested in such things :-) you can follow along with this year's Olympia at

I made to class last night - and was promptly handed my ass. Lol! Brutal class - totally awesome! My rear end is very sore today, and my abs and hamstrings are right there, too!  We started class with 15 minutes of ab-abuse. Standing twists (feet wider than hip width, back straight, knees bent slightly, then twist from the waist up - your hips don't move) faster, then faster, then... oy! LOL! Then we squatted while doing the twists - this is the part where I always fear getting myself tangled up and needing a professional extraction.  From there we did a variety of crunches and more twists, planks, plank rows and other things I'm forgetting (but my abs are not).  

After abs, we quickly moved to our Muscle class setups which included a step, a light set of dumbbells (3#) and a heavy set (8#), a resistance band (I started with teal because my knee was hurting, but I broke the band, lol, so had to switch to gray - which is tough!), a small blue ball, and two slider discs. With those tools, Tab kicked butt! A jammin' soundtrack played while we lunged onto the steps, hammer curled, bicep curled, rowed, pushups, pushups with one arm rows, squats, leg raises (with the little ball between the ankles while you lie on your side), mountain climber's with the slider discs (scary! Lol!), resistance band 4-step (forward, forward, back, back while keeping tension in the band - ouch!), side kicks (with the band on - ouch!), chest presses, flyes, then my personal nightmare - and I think she does this just to confuzzle me, lol... with one arm, while lying back on your bench holding up 2 heavy dumbbells... one arm does a chest press (squeezing the chest muscle at the top - imagine pressing the dumbbell into the ceiling), the other arm (at the same time) does a flye. Well, last night, Tab did this mind-whirler on me with standing bicep curls and Arnold presses... one arm curls (squeeze at the top) the other is doing an Arnold press. OMG.

This, my friends, takes muscle confusion to a whole new level. You know of products like P90X and the like... they're built on the premise of muscle confusion, where you switch things up so your body can't plateau. Well... this is muscle and BRAIN confusion for me! LOL! Tab likes to toss this type of "choreography" at me to challenge me :-) and so far no one has been injured, but if I ever took one of her step classes (she's the favorite instructor at our gyms! Cuz she's the BOMB, Baby!), I think we'd have to have our local firemen and EMT's standing by to deal with the injuries I either sustain or cause. Huh... come to think of it, I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing... hunky eye candy in class - sounds like a surefire way to get my daughters in the gym and into classes! LOL!!

So food... Here's today's food:
Pretty standard fare for the week. You're looking at about 1200 calories there, then I'll add dinner and maybe a boost of protein powder ice cream for dessert :-) 

It's almost Friday!!!!

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  1. I've done those mountain climbers on a slide, same idea, using booties. I HATE mountain climbers!! But your classes sound like fun. but you're right about the brain confusion, I'd drop one of those weights on some body part!! Glad you can do that. It's awesome!!!