Thursday, September 1, 2011

PHOTOS!!! :-D First Figure Competition - Part II

 1st Treat! A Tammie Coe sugar cookie!!

The dressing room and hallway chaos! 

Me and The World's Greatest Trainer/Coach/Best Friend, Tabitha!


  1. Chelle...You look amazing. I love your blue suit. Judging(yes, I'm judging) from the pics, I actually think you should have placed look better than one if not two of the ladies who came in 2nd and 3rd. Don't get me wrong 4th is so, so awesome...but your muscle definition is much better than definitely one of the ladies and possibly another from the pics. I don't know how they judge but if it's definition, I don't look more defined. All your hard work and Tabs coaching really shows the two of you put your all in it!

    Are you planning for another one!!! Can't wait to hear more about the entire experience of the show. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. Chelle....thank you for posting pics :)you look fantastic - congrats !!!!

    I have to tell you that you've been inspiring me from a distance for a while now but the first 2 pics of you holding your before pics and your trophies MOVED me to tears !! I've been trying to get my head on straight enough to finally break out of the fat suit I used to be comfortable in. Seeing the look on your face made me hungry for success. I took a pic of your pic (hope thats ok)to carry around on my phone with me to keep myself focused on achieving that happiness I can see in your eyes.

    Thank you Chelle for giving me a glimpse of what can be

    Karen XOXO

  3. Thanks Lori! :-) YES, I'm planning to compete again! I'm hooked! I'll share more in a future post :-)

    Karen - Thank you!! Yes, it's ok, lol! I have to say it's surreal that someone would want my photo on their phone... before the show I downloaded a pic onto my phone for inspiration and to know you've done that with my photo is boggling, lol! :-) The journey is worth every step, I promise! You absolutely can achieve your goals and break out of that fat suit! Absolutely YOU CAN!

  4. How did I get behind on your blog?! I can't believe I am just seeing all your pics! I LOVE your suit!