Friday, September 30, 2011

What the Midi-Chlorians Taught Me...

I finally get it. Finally! For years I've heard about and read about free-radicals and anti-oxidants, but I couldn't have explained them - not if my life depended on it. For some reason I just had a block where this subject was concerned. Um... One was good and one was bad? Isn't that all I need to know? Not quite. But... I finally get it. And all thanks to Star Wars.

So I'm sitting on my back patio, reading (again) about free-radicals and anti-oxidants when something in the textbook language finally gets through to me. You see, free-radicals started out as healthy workers. In the body, they start as oxygen molecules - essential to life, which work in a gazillion (yes, very technical term there) ways to improve health and fight disease. But then they got twisted (lost an electron) and began working for the dark side. Being unstable (the loss of an electron will do that to you), now those former protectors are the destroyers - eating, decaying, and diseasing everything in their path. They are, in fact, the Imperial StormTroopers.

Enter the Rebels... anti-oxidants. They work both directly and indirectly to fight the free-radicals. From guerrilla warfare (strengthening cells and contributing to metabolic function) to blowing up the Death Star (actually destroying free-radicals! those little buggers are bad-ass!), anti-oxidants are hard at work.  In enough numbers, they can not only stop the StormTroopers from taking over more of the Empire, but also undo much of the damage already done.

When a diet high in anti-oxidants is combined with deliberate supplementation, this is called Anti-Oxidant Therapy... or, the secret plans that will allow us to destroy the Death Star. Those ingested Rebels (anti-oxidants) fight the good fight as they "work synergistically in restoring normal function to all bodily tissues"... hello, Yoda & the Force.

So see? It finally makes sense!

And being the good sci-fi geek I am, I have begun naming my anti-oxidants...

Yoda: Green Tea (duh!)
ObiWan: blueberries of course :-) Ever try to get blueberry stains off your hands? They're like Obi-wan... you can kill him, but he won't go away!
Luke: He's kind of a whiner anyway, so he gets to be olive oil.
Han: My favorite - PUMPKIN!

Yeah, I really am this odd. :-)

May the Force be with you.
he he he


  1. OMG!!! and I had to go to college to figure that out!! LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Seriously! The absolute BEST explanation ever!