Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AWESOME, Killer, Brutal, Maniacal Exercise Class - or, Why Chelle Can Barely Move Today :-)

Wowser! Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class last night was a KILLER!! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, but man-oh-man was it brutal! It was AWESOME!!! Every single part of me is sore this morning! Ha!  My heart-rate soared, my lungs burned (had to use my inhaler TWICE!), my legs turned to fire then rubber then fire, and I remembered that choreography is not my thing, haha! Turns out I can jab, cross, hook, undercut in slow motion, but not at fast tempo... and lord help us all when we add in the kick and stepback... I finally just went to jab, cross, kick, step and stuck with it, lol! When we moved to the plank step outs (plank position, feet together, then right foot steps to side, left foot goes left, then step each back to center) I thought, Whew, I can do these! Then she added the sets of pushups between... I don't know which was burning more, my arms or my legs, Woot! LOVED IT!!! I was sweating like crazy - Tab calls the sweat that rolls off of us "drops of awesomeness" - ha! Well, class was fully of awesomeness last night! Woohoo!

I'm also nearly to the point where I recognize that modification is a permanent part of my group-fitness experience. My knees and shoulders just do not allow me to perform without modification. Part of me knows that this is ok - it is what it is. The other part is still fighting. I WANT to be able to do the whole class without modifying, dagnabbit!

After, we headed home, we both had to let our stomachs settle before we could even consider dinner. Ha! Clean pizza - my only exception this week to the no evening carbs rule, and after burning nearly 500 calories in class, let me tell you I earned those carbs! :-)

We worked on your submissions, and will be meeting again tonight, and several more times this week until we can finalize our victims clients. :-)  Reading through your applications, I have so much respect for you guys and your willingness to take part in this study - it asks a lot of its participants... to not only commit to a tough program through the holidays, but to also have your photos and stats on the website so others can follow your journey. When I began mine, I wouldn't even let Tab weigh me, let along measure me or take my picture (frustrating for her!). I very much regret that now, and seriously applaud your courage and passion.

Speaking of courage and passion... did you read Tab's blog post yesterday about goal setting? If you missed it, I encourage you to check it out.

Recipe for Fitness - Tabitha: Goal Setting: The Art of Being S.M.A.R.T: Yayyyy Monday! It’s a new week with new challenges, and maybe even some new GOALS!   How many of you have ever experienced this scenario?   ...

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Ohhhhhh!! We have to wait a whole week yet?!?! This is torture!! I can only imagine what more you and Tab could possibly do????? LOL, talk to you soon!! Have a great day!