Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! :-D

It's official - I've crossed over. I can no longer say I'm 40, now I'm in my 40's. How am I feeling about it? 
I think it ROCKS! I don't believe I've ever been excited about an adult birthday, but I am about this one! Great things are coming this year! Woot!!

Quick update on the case study - I know a lot of you are antsy waiting to hear the results :-)  We are going through these applications as quickly as we can while still being thorough. Remember when I said we got a LOT of applications? I mean A LOT!!! Our huge notebooks are straining! The good news is that we're nearly done. :-)  Soon, my friends, I promise!! 

Today's food is up, if you're interested...

Happy Monday!! :-D


  1. Happy Birthday Chelle, hope you are having a great evening and take a night off from all your work obligations for some needed "me" time!

    The more I read the more I can hardly wait to find out your costume!!!