Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Thursday?? Really??

Yikes! Where'd the week go? Just a few days left in our submission period! If you didn't read the post about our PILOT / CASE STUDY, you can read it here. Deadline is Saturday at 11:59pm.  Woot!

I've got  a ton of updates, but time is preventing me from getting a "real" post done... maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime... it's lunch!


  1. I love kombucha!!! Especially that cran flavor! I want to start making my own, but I'm a little timid still, I'm going to start with kiefer water and see how that works for me!

  2. Just saw your post regarding the pilot you are running. Application is in and very excited to see your choices!!! Thanks for offering it out there!