Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Time To Take Over The World...

WARNING….Long post ahead, proceed with caution….but it is TOOOOOTALLY WORTH IT!

Chelle:  “What are we going to do today, Brain?“
Tab:  “The same thing we do every day, Pinky. Try to take over change the world.”

Today is that day, my friends! But we’re not going to try… we’re going to DO. And you are, too!

Some of you have shared my journey since the beginning and you have seen my struggles and my path to self-discovery and wholeness. I've done a lot of things right, and I’ve done a significant amount of floundering too. You’ve watched me do the silly, the outrageous, and the ordinary. You’ve been part of my growth.

My goal with my website was to share triumph and failure while helping others on their own journeys. I hoped my story, as it unfolded, would ultimately inform and inspire. As I watched my stats grow, I realized my little website was doing its job. Now, it’s time to take the next step. And that step is all about you and YOUR transformation.

So, where do we start?

We are launching a whole new website: It will take the heart and soul of my former website as well as the best of what Tab and I have to offer as certified and accredited fitness and nutrition professionals.  We are going to provide you easily understood tools that you can use to change your life. All the things you’re used to seeing on the other site will be updated into user-friendly pages that you can easily print for future reference.

But wait….. There’s more…..

We are going to offer custom plans for whole-life transformation. I’m not talking about the “custom” plans you can buy from other sites. Nothing is canned and no one gets the same plan. Each system is designed by Tab and I specifically, and only, for you. It’ll address your lifestyle, your needs, and your goals. In addition, it will change as you change. You WILL reach your goals. You WILL transform your life.

We offer you the opportunity to take the next big step and invest in yourself. We go one step further – we invest in you too. You become our next success story.  Because of that, our program will offer you complete support – both from the community here, and us. You’ll have everything you need to succeed.  Your success is completely within your reach.  How far you reach is up to you.  We’re so convinced of this that we’re taking on the first few victims clients absolutely FREE. Why?????  Well….Here is how the conversation went:

Chelle:  Tab, why do we want to do this?
Tab: Because we like to torture people.
Chelle:  True….and we have run out of teenagers in my house to torment.
Tab: No, Pinky, I think it is because this is a perfect way to start taking over changing the world.
Chelle: Excellent point, Brain, I’m in!
Tab: Seriously though, this is the ideal way for us to use our hard earned knowledge to help people.
Chelle:  Yep! The knowledge we have regarding nutrition & fitness makes us a great team!
Bill: So….tell me again why you guys are doing this for FREE?
Chelle:  (Arm gesture that is censored).  Because King Bobo-Head, we don’t want to just rule the world, we want to change the world….
Tab:  Yeah, and this is the perfect way to start!

Of course, based on the time and attention to detail that is required to provide this level of commitment to you, in the future, there will be an associated fee for these services.  However, before we accept one single penny, we will prove that it can work.
Tag! You’re it!  It’s time to step up and embrace the change. Are you ready?!?!?!?!?

What exactly are we doing here? We’re launching a 12-week PILOT/CASE STUDY. We need volunteer clients to participate in our program. As you progress, we’ll be posting updates, stats on the website and our blogs. You’re the proof of our uber- clean protein pudding. Make us proud!

Let’s get more specific…

This will be a 12 week program comprised of fitness and nutrition plans tailored especially to your needs.  Tab and I are going to be your nutrition and fitness guides starting in November (Yep! Right through the holidays, but we have a plan for that too)!  We are going to help you evaluate where you are currently with your health and wellness lifestyle, set goals, and achieve them…..we are going to help you change YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD 

Each week YOU WILL RECEIVE FROM US plans outlining your workout and nutritional duties for the week (I say duties, because these are NOT OPTIONAL).  In addition, you will have electronic access to us via Skype and e-mail for any questions and mandatory updates needed.  Each week WE WILL RECEIVE FROM YOU scheduled updates in order to assess your progress and plan for the following week.   We will be posting your progress (yes….. this includes photos) and status updates via the blogs and website so our super friendly and supportive Recipe for Fitness™ community can check in to see how you are doing as well as serve as a support system dedicated to your success.

I’m not gonna lie… These 12 weeks are NOT going to be easy but… they will ABSOLUTELY be worth it!  Please consider this seriously before you decide to commit yourself to this opportunity of a lifetime.  Tab and I expect 100% commitment, consistency, and dedication.  Compliance to the program is non-negotiable.   Understand that we want more than anything for you to succeed!  That means that there is no room for anything less than 100% dedication and hard work.  With that said, if you are ready to change and you like what you have read thus far, here is what you need to do.


We need you to fill out a case study application detailing your stats, goals, and why we should pick you to participate in this project.  The application is available immediately by clicking on the application link here:  Please fill it out COMPLETELY and submit online or e-mail your entry to us at We will accept entries up until 11:59pm on Saturday, October 15th, 2011.  From there we will review the entries and choose our clients.  Participation is going to be limited, therefore you must take care in presenting your case and making it strong.

If you’re not one of the volunteers chosen for the study, don’t worry, all the info that’s been available will still be available –as are Tab and I.  Please continue to email us and/or comment on our blogs. You are such a big part of our lives, and we look forward to being a big part of yours.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the above information please e-mail us at Tab and I are sooooooo super excited to be in a place to make this happen.  Your desire is our passion and inspiration!


  1. Fantastic ladies! You two are truly doing a good service!


  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I'm working on the ap NOW!!! This is incredible! A dream some true! I'm not being corny, I'm really this excited!!! :) Look out world here I come!!!!
    --Carlene Hetland

  3. wow!what an opportunity! i will certainly be considering this. thank you both so much for all you do and for enthusiastically sharing what you both so strongly believe in and live! you guys rock!

  4. This is an amazing opportunity! have loved every minute following you on your journey :)

  5. Way to go, girls! I am completely and totally proud of the process you've created to help people change their lives. Your heart(s) to help is evident. Kudos to you both!!!

    Keri W

  6. Help, I have filled it out but I can't seem to figure out how to email this!!!

  7. I'm about to fix that, but in the meantime, you need to save the pdf to your computer, then fill it out, then save it. I know, it's crazy. I missed a step here, clearly. My bad!! Hang tight...

  8. Here you go...

  9. Application away!! PIck me, pick me, pick me! You two are awesome for doing this!!!

  10. I figures it out and the application is in! I guess I will just be waiting on pins and needles until after the 15th!!! Oh that is not going to be easy...fingers and toes are crossed I get picked. I wonder how many lucky (victims)I mean clients you will choose? Please, please...I am your gal!