Monday, October 24, 2011

ROFL!!! You've GOT to read this!

Tab and I started my birthday weekend doing one of the things we do best... shopping! :-) Tab needed a costume, so away we went... What happened next was so funny, I nearly wet myself in the parking lot and when I told Bill about it he choked on his coffee!

Let me give a brief backstory... as I journeyed through weight loss, one thing I complained about was my diminishing... assets. lol.  Tab knew no sympathy. She'd say outright, "you wanna be fat with boobs or you wanna lose this weight?" When you put it that way... I lost the boobs. All this time later, she still has the same lack of sympathy for my mammary-challenged torso. When I showed her my halloween costume, she said, "How you gonna hold it up?" To which my husband very quickly covered his laughter with a cough. Not quick enough, he discovered later. It's a constant running joke among us, my lack of boobage. So when this happened... well, I took great delight in it for one, and for two... I'm a little worried I took too great a delight and I'm waiting for the Karma to come back for me, LOL!!

Find out what happened here:
Recipe for Fitness - Tabitha

Halloween Karma...What a B**ch!


  1. 1st rule on the gym-NEVER piss off your trainer!!! You WILL regret it!!! I think on Monday, when you take her class it's going to suck to be you!!! LOL!!! :) Good luck!!

  2. I know, right??? I'm a little scared!!! LOL!
    Ok... I've been working with Tab for many years... I am a LOT scared! ROFL!!!

  3. I made the mistake of telling Kris, one time, something was "easy". OMG, she busted my butt for the rest of the session. I have NEVER used that word "easy" again!! You should know woman!!! Let me know how that works out!!